Rant Cast 264 – counting the days

May 18, 2016 Tags: The Pod 9 comments
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So it came to pass – Manchester United failed to reach the Champions League for the second time in three years. Confirmation was delayed by 48 hours, but Manchester City’s draw at Swansea all but guaranteed the Blues a place at the top table of European football. Despite beating Bournemouth on Tuesday, Louis van Gaal’s side is out: of time, of the Champions League, of credibility.

United had to beat the south coast side 19-0 on Tuesday and for 45 minutes it looked as if the season might end less with a bang than a Van Gaal-inspired whimper. The Reds at least rallied to offer long-suffering supporters a modicum of entertainment in the second period. Ed & Paul cover all the drama on Sunday, with United’s match called off in farcical circumstances, as well as the hastily rearranged match on Tuesday.

Also this week you questions, a look ahead to the FA Cup final next Saturday, and the now weekly look at the managerial situation.

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denton Davey - May 19, 2016 Reply


Why doesn’t this guy, Warren Joyce, get any significant consideration for the top job ?

Adi - May 19, 2016 Reply

Yeah reading that article and the comments it does make me wonder what if….but I think the pressure on Ed Woodtard is enormous for him to even think this way. Also the pressure that comes along with that position might not be enticing to Warren’s personality. But if for some god forsaken reason we still have LvG at the helm then heck yeah we take a gamble with this genius instead.

lecoqdezellwiller - May 19, 2016 Reply

AY, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is an incredible song. A genius insight into poetic devices.

Fusilli Jerry - May 19, 2016 Reply

Immediately Paul said Abbey Road I was thinking (a) Seriously? Above Revolver?, and (b) But Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

John Lennon famously described Maxwell’s Silver Hammer as “more of Paul [McCartney]’s granny music”, signalling that the former creative partners would shortly go their separate ways. It is possible to see echoes in this week’s stories about David De Gea having had enough of Van Gaal-Giggs. Which suitably enough allows us to see Edurne as Yoko.

Subterranean Steve - May 20, 2016 Reply

Let van Gaal pick up the silver trophy on Saturday and then hope that Woodward wields the silver hammer on Monday.

Rich - May 19, 2016 Reply

Great rant cast this week.

NazManUnited - May 19, 2016 Reply

@UtdRantcast @Teejsound 2.5 days I hope LVG gets sacked at Wembley 😂

bobby noble - May 19, 2016 Reply

All I remember from the Sixties was that we lived in a red submarine.

SKW - May 20, 2016 Reply

Ed, that fruit is called dourian — and yes, it’s shit. Like United. If LVG stays I don’t think I can watch next year. It’s too painful.

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