Rant Cast 277 – the “actually we’re terrible again” edition

September 19, 2016 Tags: The Pod 1 comment
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After the joy and optimism of August, Manchester United have crashed into September like some sort of thing crashing into a thing it definitely should not have crashed into. Ed and Paul convene to reluctantly discuss three defeats on the bounce for Jose Mourinho’s men. The subject of Wayne Rooney inevitably comes up, as does chat about Pep out tactic-ing Jose, the abject defeat at Feyenoord and the omnishambles at Watford. In a profoundly against type turn of events, Ed is pretty upbeat whilst Paul is generally miserable about the whole affair.

There are listener questions, music chat on the Patreon bonus content and a very special playout track from one of the very first Friends of the Rant Cast, Awate.

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subterranean steve - September 21, 2016 Reply

Paul, appreciated your comments about Rooney because you are someone who wants to recognise the best in a player and things have to get really bad before you get stuck into them. Thought the parallel with Gerard was spot-on.

Like you I look forward to see Angel Gomes hitting the big-time. He appears to have an awesome talent and the kid had his sixteenth birthday only three weeks ago.

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