Rant Cast 278 – Drop It Like It’s Hot

September 26, 2016 Tags: The Pod 1 comment
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In this week’s show Ed and Paul meet to discuss Manchester United’s trip to Northampton and the comfortable 4-1 win against Champions Leicester City. United looked like a different team at Old Trafford on Saturday, for no obvious reason that anyone could work out.

They offeran in-depth preview of United’s game against Zorya Luhansk on Thursday—or at least Ed tells us all where they play their home games—and look forward to the visit of Mark Hughes’ stuttering Stoke City.

For Patreons there’s a long chat about the 2005 Ashes series and the special monthly Q&A edition.

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Duncan - September 28, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the pod. I have to say I was a bit worried when I saw the midfield two of Pogba and Herrara but goals change everything. I thought we looked shaky through the.middle early on but you get a goal or two and everything gets easier. Felt so much joy watching that match, like you guys obviously did too. I think that setup will be found out against better teams, but on current form Ander Herrera needs to be in our team every week.

I have a couple of questions do you take non-twitter questions?

Firstly, does Jesse Lingard need a slap? Do you think it’s possible to be a top athlete and achieve your potential while being a hilarious rascal posting ‘viral’ videos, sticking your tongue out and generally larking around like a twat?

Secondly, I’m outside Craven Cottage today, working nearby, and there’s a statue of Johnny Haynes outside. I don’t know who that is, and my internet connection is too slow to bother Googling it, but do you ever think there’ll be a statue of Wayne Rooney outside Old Trafford? He’s going to be our top goalscorer by quite a distance, for at least the next ten years. Maybe current frustrations will be a distant memory and we’ll think about his career more positively. I don’t think he gets statue level love from the supporters though and do you think you have to finish your career at a club to get a statue? Mind you, knowing how Moyes and Woodward bent over, there’s probably a statue clause in his contract….

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