Rant Cast 280 – Anfield calling

October 10, 2016 Tags: The Pod 4 comments
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No games this week – well none of note – with international week getting in the way of Rant Cast’s main weekly content: Manchester United! Plenty of football to look forward to though, with United travelling to face a resurgent Liverpool at Anfield and then hosting Fenerbache in the Europa League at Old Trafford. As ever, there’s plenty listener questions and for Patreons there’s a long discussion about podcasts (other than Rant Cast)!

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zombie plague - October 10, 2016 Reply

@UtdRantcast @Teejsound https://t.co/nSTsfXkb8y

Ravi Raja - October 10, 2016 Reply

can’t believe you want play Mata,Pog&Herrera against LFC. Very risky. Need to play Carrick/Schneiderlin holding.

jm - October 13, 2016 Reply

alryt LVG lol

Duncan - October 17, 2016 Reply

I put this on forgetting I’d already heard it and when I realised I left it on and listened to it again. That’s how good it was! Anyway, be surprised if we don’t park the bus at Anfield. We have a few players capable of a swift counter attack. I just think you can see how the extra year Klopp’s had at Liverpool has got them a team that looks more coherent than ours, a bit unrealistic to expect Mourinho to be at the same stage after a few months. Doesn’t mean we can’t win but we’re definitely underdogs. Based on form so far I don’t think we finish in the top four, maybe fifth or sixth but we’ll see..

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