Rant Cast 294 – can’t do it on a mild Saturday in Stoke

January 25, 2017 Tags: The Pod 9 comments
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In this week’s pod Ed & Paul look back on United’s draw with Stoke City at the Bet365 Stadium. Despite dominating the game, the Reds needed a dramatic late equaliser for the second game in succession. Where now for José Mourinho’s side?

That game brought up Wayne Rooney’s 250th goal for the club to take the Scouser above Sir Bobby Charlton as United’s record goalscorer. Mourinho congratulated the player by ushering him out of the door to China!

Also on the pod this week a bumper Q&A, an interview with writer, poet and United fan Musa Okwonga, and bonus content for Patreon backers.

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Paul - January 25, 2017 Reply


joe - January 25, 2017 Reply

well Zlatan Couldn’t DO IT ON A MILD SATURDAY IN STOKE,sorry to say

Jon B - January 25, 2017 Reply

Don’t know much about probability but I think that odds of 10-3 is not 3 chances in 10 but 3 chances in 13, as in the ratio of 10 : 3.

Ed - January 25, 2017 Reply

Correct. Trying to simplify too much. Thinking on one’s feet while on mic is clearly an inexact science. Implied probability of 10/3 is 3/(3+10) or around 23%

Kurtis Robinson - January 25, 2017 Reply

Can we have more @Okwonga in the future please? Knows what he’s talking about a… https://t.co/feT5vjdFvb

Surinder Raj Singh - January 25, 2017 Reply

Musa has the most badass laugh ever

Ian - January 25, 2017 Reply

The outro (with all the “wow what a goal” commenting) reminds you of how Rooney used to be pre 2011.

NazManUnited - January 25, 2017 Reply


Darren Richman - January 25, 2017 Reply

I could listen to @Okwonga laugh all day long

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