Rant Cast 313 – Big Rom Bags a Brace

August 15, 2017 Tags: The Pod 1 comment
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Manchester United are back, baby! We’re good again! Or, at least, good enough to smash a lacklustre West Ham United side into tiny pieces at Old Trafford. Ed and Paul look back at the game and discuss Big Rom making his home debut and bursting all the Hammers’ bubbles, Anthony Martial being brilliant for 10 minutes, Marcus Rashford being brilliant for 80 minutes and United just generally being brilliant for most of the game. On top of that we take listener questions and offer a typically perfunctory preview of the Swansea game next weekend, have a look at the amazing opening weekend of the Premier League in general and for bonus content subscribers spend 20 minutes waxing lyrical about the best United debuts.

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1 comment

Fusilli Jerry - August 16, 2017 Reply

Paul Merson is a sweaty fool and his opinions carry no weight. But if he’s suggested that Lukaku doesn’t have what it takes to make it at a club the size of United, that is not of itself racist. In any way whatsoever.

Ed pushed the same line last season too – implying that pundits and journalists only suggested Pogba didn’t always look an £89m player for racist reasons. It is actually possible to find room for improvement, rightly or wrongly, in someone who isn’t white, for reasons other than colour. Otherwise, Mourinho is necessarily being racist for thinking Martial doesn’t deserve to start ahead of…Rashford.

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