Rant Cast 320 – Plug in, turn on and Klopp out

October 10, 2017 Tags: The Pod 1 comment
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It’s international week, which means football hipsters Ed & Paul have been busy watching Iceland vs Kosovo, Syria vs Australia, and Panama vs Costa Rica.

Also on the show this week, there are *a lot* of listener questions – not that the show needed padding out or anything like that – and a look ahead to the weekend’s game vs Liverpool. Patreon backers get 20 minutes on great moments vs Liverpool during the past 20 years. Diego Forlan, John O’Shea and Patrice Evra feature heavily.

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1 comment

Fusilli Jerry - October 11, 2017 Reply

The potential contrast between what David Moyes might ever reflect to himself in private about his time at United, compared to what he insists on repeating in public about it, is genuinely fascinating. Jokey references to the idea of David Moyes committing suicide? Genuinely embarrassing. Should simply never have made the released podcast. What would we have said if a Liverpool podcast had said that about Roy Hodgson?

Much as I value you, you can be quite sanctimonious, whether it’s Paul tut-tutting at United supporters for holding feelings of hatred towards Liverpool, or Ed calling Garth Crooks “sinister” (his code for “racist”) for going on about Pogba’s haircuts. No more please: you just vacated any moral high ground you ever had claim to.

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