Rant Cast 334 – And we’re back!

April 6, 2018 Tags: The Pod 2 comments
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It’s been a long time coming but Rant Cast is finally back on air. Having recovered from a bout of suspicious poisoning that kept him on the sidelines for a month, Paul is ready to take on the challenge of not laughing at Ed’s bad jokes or responding to the many hot takes. Paul has much praise for the glorious leader Vladimir Putin.

Also on the show, the guys catch up on a month of Manchester United action – there have been mixed results haven’t there? There are plenty of listener questions and a look forward to the weekend’s action against Manchester City. For backers, a look ahead to the World Cup in the glorious motherland of Russia. Paul is absolutely not compensating.

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Fusilli Jerry - April 6, 2018 Reply

1. Rant was missed.
2. The surrogate lovers in whose arms they left us? McKola tells it like it is. Howson is starting to. Statman “take me firmly, Ashley” Dave? Up there (down there) with Alan Green, Stan Collymore, Robbie Savage, Micky Quinn. Anyone with quarter of a brain realises that Ashley Young is to Mourinho what Sergei Skripal is to Putin: utterly unimportant in his own right, and simply the flexing of fascist power by an evil despot.
3. That United Stand guy: doesn’t he go on? What a sound-of-his-own-voice merchant. Love the love for Luke though.
4. Martial is gone. Don’t forget Mourinho tried to get Perisic for that position last summer. Now he has Sanchez and plays him there instead of AM, and has today rubbished the fan-voted Player of the Month award purely for the reason, I’m pretty sure, it’s been won by Martial several times.
5. If you asked Chelsea fans whether they’d swap the 14-15 League title for still having De Bruyne, Salah, even Lukaku and Mata – what do you think they’d say?
6. Now the same sabotage is being perpetrated at Old Trafford, with Martial, Shaw, maybe Pogba on their way to flourish under managers who will nurture and cherish them, with anyone around the age of 29 – Bale, Willian – likely to come in, so the legacy will be a thirtysomething team that gets run off the pitch by opponents.
7. Mourinho isn’t just yesterday’s man in terms of tactics and man-management – his spin is proper rubbish too. All he had to say after the Brighton game was “not the performance we wanted to give the fans after Sevilla, but we’re through to the semi”. Instead he amplifies his own feel bad-factor by slagging the players for not following instructions. At Chelsea, when he effectively admitted the players no longer listened to him, he was fired.
8. Liverpool are the elephant in the room and the real reason Mourinho is feeling and showing the pressure – not Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund.
9. If anyone doubts the type of human Mourinho is, check out Van Gaal’s haunted Wembley conference immediately after winning the final against Palace, when he discovered that news of Mourinho’s appointment had been texted by Mendes operatives to every last hack the moment the final whistle blew – robbing Van Gaal of his celebration. Ed always used to say he didn’t want to see Mourinho anywhere near our club.
10. If we finish 2nd and win the FA Cup it will represent an acceptable (Arsenal) season, but that’s a big If – and I just don’t see Mourinho’s post-window band of 29 year-olds keeping pace with Klopp in challenging Guardiola next season.

dodgysmum - April 8, 2018 Reply

Hooray! You were missed.

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