Rant Cast 352 – Stretfordenders, the Hit New Soap Opera

September 27, 2018 Tags: The Pod 2 comments
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As what can only be described as “The Nonsense” continues at our beloved Manchester United, Ed and Paul discuss the re-crisising of the club via the means of a win at Young Boys, a draw against Wolves and being knocked out of the ol’ Carabao by Franky Lampard’s Derby County.

Mourinho vs. Pogba rages on (though this was recorded before TrainingGate), Alexis Sanchez continues to be rubbish and we continue to give short shrift to previews. There are Twitter questions answered, tears cried and laughs had, and for backers a pretty detailed look back at the Glazer takeover and how the finances all went down. Hugs.


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Paul Ansorge - September 27, 2018 Reply

Why does this image have world cup rantcast in it you ask? Why because Ed was busy so I posted the show and Ed told me to use a Jose or Pogba image and I saw this one and it made me happy so I used it then noticed the mistake after posting it of course! Hope everyone enjoys the show

SKW - October 2, 2018 Reply

Ed, I know it’s your thing — but the finances piece, it just doesn’t matter. The issue with United is in the boardroom and on the field.

Put simply, we just haven’t bought the right players and developed the right team, post-Ferguson. We have a hodge-podge now of three managers’ players. I suppose this CAN be blamed on The Glazers and on Woodward (I agree with the Woodward part), but they’ve spent money. Our managers — two of whom were arguably world class — just haven’t spent well, and we’ve no real “vision” for the team.

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