Rant Cast 358 – Nice and Easy

November 14, 2018 Tags: The Pod 2 comments
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In typically farcical fashion, José Mourinho claimed Manchester City had “everything nice and easy” ahead of the Blues’ thumping victory over United in the derby last weekend. The excuse-ladened fallout from United’s beating at the hands of the club’s most bitter rivals to capped a week of mixed fortune.

Also on this week’s pod, a look back at a dramatic victory over Juventus in Turin. Even if the performance was as mixed as any this season, the result sent a raucous away support home happy. It was a joy to last just a few days.

For backers, Ed & Paul discuss Stan Lee, Marvel and which United players are the real superheroes.

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Paul - November 15, 2018 Reply

Hi guys! Really enjoyed the podcast! But one thing. Making fun of millenials makes you sound old and republican. Those guys (and girls) get a lot of shit from old people, because old people hate young people for being young and being different. Either you guys are way older than you sound or I’m way old than I thought (because I’m roughly your age, judging from your voices).
If millenials get classes on how to become adults, it means two things: millenials want to be better adults than the cunts that call themselves adults these days. And that their parents obviously failed at teaching them, how to do that.

Ed - November 27, 2018 Reply

This was clearly a segment in jest

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