Rant Cast 37 – media war

In this episode of Rant Cast regulars Ed & Paul take a look back at the draw with Fulham at Craven Cottage. We preview the weekend’s fixture with West Ham United at Old Trafford and we discuss the Champions League draw. As usual, we digress – this time into the world of football versus the media and finish on some loan news for Tom Cleverley.

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Rant Cast Episode
  • Bill

    Thanks for the inclusion guys :-)

  • Paul

    Thanks for the tune Bill!

  • Bill

    Hopefully the last two weeks have started something – all musical rant cast listeners send your tunes in!

  • SKW

    Who picked the opening music? Dreadful.

  • SKW

    I saw Bursa beat Besiktas in a horrible match this past winter. Bursa pass the ball well and have some speed, but I don’t think they have the quality to top United.

    For fans going to Bursa (I’ve been there), the easiest way is by boat from Istanbul. You take a ferry across the water, then have to catch a bus (about 1 hour ride) to get up to the city. I think it’s about 30 lira total. I’ve more details if anyone is interested.

  • RobDiablo

    Paul wavered a bit before deciding to back Berba to score; his faith justified.

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