Rant Cast 71 – greater than the sum

On this week’s Rant Cast regulars Ed & Paul discuss the loss to Arsenal in the Premier League, reaching another Champions League final and the upcoming tie against Chelsea – a potential title decider!

We ponder why Anderson and Darron Gibson are suddenly good and get on the scrounge for Champions League final tickets.

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    • says

      You’re right, although that was a header at about knee height after another frankly terrible Giggs delivery :)

  1. says

    If we win the league and CL, Fergie should retire. Do I want to see him go? No, but I cannot think he could top that, in the sense of his overall management.

  2. comedyshermit says

    I have a weird idea about the Da silvas on the wing, 7 defenders form we used earlier in this season, for Barca

  3. 7Bestie7 says

    About the G-Bomb debate. I definitely think he is another/younger Carrick and much like the Denilson and Mikel positions for Aresnal/Chelsea. A solid passer of the ball who helps the team rotate possession, can score goals and help defend but won’t do either amazingly well.

    It’s these types of players who have replaced the old Box-to-Box types. Solid without seemingly to have any real stand out talents. I wouldn’t want a midfield duo of Gibson + AN Other in the big games but I think with mature heads around him he could be a solid player for the team when needed.

    People talk about the games he has been horrendous at but if we look back they end up being games where he has been the mature player in the midfield and this goes against the type of player he is. Unable to defend like Keane or attack like Scholes, having Gibson as the “leader” in midfield brings out the weaknesses of his game without allowing for the strengths.

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