Rant Cast 93 – Merry Rant Cast

On this week’s Rant Cast regulars Ed and Paul discuss Manchester United’s recent wins in west London against QPR and Fulham – marking a fine return to form for Sir Alex Ferguson’s men. We preview the upcoming Boxing Day game against Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford, and reminisce about some of our favourite festive memories.

Finally, we talk racism – again – with a partial conclusion to the ongoing Patrice Evra/Luis Suarez affair.

This week’s exit theme tune is ’12 Cantonas’ – sung by Paul – with apologies for anybody who is not clinically deaf.

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  1. Zi Indefatigable says

    “This week’s exit theme tune is ’12 Cantonas’ – sung by Paul – with apologies for anybody who is not clinically deaf.”


  2. says

    Ha ha ha fancy doing some vocals for Source of Gravity Paul!!! Only joking of course. Well done guys, have a merry xmas, looking forward to more great podcasts in 2012.

  3. SKW says

    Terry should be sidelined because he stunk at the WC and has become a complete distraction. How many times does he get to embarrass England and be allowed to continue? He never should have been let back in squad the first time.

  4. Herbie Simms says

    As for Wigan, they will get their six-pack plus!
    United 6-0 over Wigan. Anything less and I will be very disappointed. Merry Christmas to all the diehard United fans and lets hope we can keep on pushing Man.City till they drop like its hot. As for SAF, I would nominate him for Santa Claus of the year! He maybe getting old but he is still got some surprizes and goodies in the bag.
    Always a pleasure to read you guys opinions on this site. I love you all and Merry Christmas to your families.

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