Rant Cast 17 – United’s Culture Club

January 22, 2010 Tags: The Pod 2 comments

In this episode of Rant Cast regulars Ed & Paul talk about:

  • Reviewing Burnley
  • Manchester City
  • Glazer’s bond issue
  • Gold & Green

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death or victory - January 23, 2010 Reply

its obvious we’re not going to be allowed win anything domesticly this season! the refs rnt going to let us after fergie calling ref unfit at sunderland we havnt had decent decision since! it dosnt realy worry me that you have to shoot a united player in the box to get a pen, and the other awful decisions we.seem be getting. what bothers me is this new trick of giving free after free after free most of the time for nothing in our half and around our box, for sustained periods so we effectively cant get out of our half and loose composure. its happening in every game in liverpool, chelsea, city games is where it stands out because we lost. ok you call me mad or paranoid but watch out for it over the next three or four games. which leads me onto “what dose a player have to do to get booked vs united?” lucas, tevez stoods up rib high challege on brown, bellamy both elbows into vaencias face and then immediately turns around and kick rafael to name a few culprits

Bill - January 25, 2010 Reply

Great point on the cast about how this kind of thing is destroying the world’s economy. Glazer’s don’t do subprime loans on houses, just football clubs!

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