World Cup Rant Cast – pundits beware!

In the second edition of World Cup Rant Cast, regulars Ed & Paul look at the best and worst of the tournament so far. Pundits beware as the team launches a scathing attack on the quality of TV coverage. On the pitch we discuss the best goals, players, major incidents and Rant’s assessment of United players at the tournament.

For hard core England-haters look away now – there is, inevitably, a lenghty discussion of England’s humiliating failure in South Africa; the root and branch review that the FA will never conduct.

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  1. Zi Indefatigable says


    Thanks for that shoutout.

    Zi Indefatigable = @Awate91

    and whats all of this talk of Ninis??

  2. captainhormone says

    Worst World Cup ever….hated it..boring and those fucking horns….should be banned…woeful noise…..drones like fuck and kills the atmosphere dead.

    Positive..David Vila……always knew he was ace and glad he’s proved it….also John Terry…always knew he was a cunt, overrated and he proven it too.

  3. captainhormone says

    ..oh, and always knew the African countries are way way way overrated too….god luck to Ghana though, the best of a very disappointing lot and i hope they can progress….was hoping for more from the African sides…..wank to be fair!!

  4. Zi Indefatigable says

    I think the vuvuzelas are cool as fuck.

    It’s like something out of Star Wars… which is something I will always support.

  5. gazno77 says

    Bang on about the punditry, lads, it’s been cringeworthy at best. Charisma vacuum Alan Shearer’s contributions seem to be endless variations on the phrases, “I couldn’t agree more”, “I completely agree with Alan” and “I think Lee’s right.”

    I really like Lee Dixon, who’s brought some much needed analysis to MOTD2, but even he’s being dragged into the WC tedium. Davids, Seedorf, Townsend, Southgate are awful, and Harry Redknapp is a boring old English fanboy.

    I’ve not being listening to 5 Live, but – and I’ll probably get hammered for this – Robbie Savage has been a really strong pundit this season.

  6. Paul says

    Meant to ask Ed if he was pro or anti vuvuzela – I really like them – especially those synchronised blasts.

    • says

      The only problem I have with the vuvuzela is that it drowns out almost everything else. Can’t hear what limited singing there has been.

  7. jeremy says

    I think the atmosphere has been superb, the vuvuzelas have definitely been a welcome addition, giving it a unique feel.

    Your comments regarding the pundits are spot on. May I add to that, the annoying warble of Clive Tyldsley’s commentary voice.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t give Chris Waddle a big pat on the back. For me, his comments are among the most incisive and pertinent. The rant after England’s defeat was pure genius. (check it out if you can, it was also repeated on radio five live’s post mortem on monday night)

  8. Bill says

    Really like the Vuvuzelas – made the WC distinctive – a bit like the Mexican wave in 86!

    GO GHANA!!!

  9. Ivor Hary says

    Lads if ye can at all,watch the English games on Irish TV. They call it as they see it and none of this England(or Ireland) are marvellous shit. Thay rarely agree with each other and its a good laugh as well. Souness joined the panel last year and he loves it,he says it took him a while to realise he could actually say what he wanted and now is as relaxed as fuck there. He was talking about Vidic before one of the games saying how good hes been “except for that one time he was raped or i mean destroyed by Torres” Apologies issued and on they got with it…. Richard Keyes would of had a heart attack….

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