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Issue 6 – January 2012

Rant Monthly January 2012

The sixth edition of Rant Monthly covers the latest topical analysis over more than 40 pages, including an in-depth look at Sir Alex Ferguson at 70, Michael Carrick’s recent improvement in form, a special section on United’s history in the FA Cup, and analysis of Liverpool’s attempt to set race relations back 30 years.

Also in this month’s issue: Europa League preview, Phil Jones, United’s saviour James Gibson 80 years on, player performance stats for December, Fans’ Forum, Paul Ansorge and our in-depth mid-season report.

Issue 5 – December 2011

Rant Monthly December 2011

The fifth edition of Rant Monthly covers the latest topical analysis, including an in-depth look at Manchester United’s financials, Sir Alex Ferguson’s potential replacements, Tomasz Kusazk’s questionable behaviour, and the Reds grinding out 1-0 wins! With original contributions from Ajay Smith, Dan Bowman, and Sean Geraghty.

The issue also contains all the regular features, including Fans Forum, EA Player Performance Index, and columnists Ed Barker and Paul Ansorge.

Issue 4 – November 2011

Rant Monthly November Cover

Over 42 pages, Issue 4 looks in depth at Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years as manager at Manchester United: the personality, the key moments, his best team, the quotes, the numbers, and the infamous arguments. With contributions from Zack Hann, Ajay Smith, Will Tidey, and Paul Ansorge. Also inside: a profile of Ravel Morrison, a look at Tom Cleverley, Javier Hern├índez and Jonny Evans, and a celebration of Nemanja Vidic’s international retirement! Plus Fans Forum, EA Index and regular columnists.

Issue 3 – October 2011

Rant Monthly October Cover

Rant Monthly Issue 3 looks in depth at United’s 55 years of European adventure: the triumph and tragedy of competing on the contitent, the players and the events. We look at two key players in United’s excellent start to the new season: Anderson and Phil Jones, and ask what the future may bring for each.

And, new to Rant Monthly, we analyse United’s player performance in partnership with EA Sports. Plus all the regulars: Ed Barker, Paul Ansorge and the fans Forum Q&A.

Issue 2 – September 2011

Rant Monthly Issue 2

Rant Monthly Issue 2 looks in depth at United’s youthful revolution this season – the personalities, the football and the tactics. We delve into the Glazer family’s proposed IPO in Singapore, asking what the autumn flotation will do for the club, fans and family.

We look back on Wayne Rooney’s October Revoluton and ask how it changed the relationship between player and fans. And finally, we focus on FC United – the Red Rebels – six years after formation.

Issue 1 – August 2011

Rant Monthly Issue 1 August 2011

In time for the new season Rant Monthly Issue 1 offers a comprehensive preview of the new first team and reserve/academy season, a look at the summer transfer market, Andy Green’s analysis of why Sky’s cash might be bad for English football and Fan Forum, together with our regular columnists.