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Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:19 pm
by Alfonso Bedoya

Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:44 pm
by redzebs
Just close the loop holes ffs, if people knew some of the ways to reclaim and avoid tax the country would be more fucked.

In 18 years reviewing self assessed books, I could count on one hand the amount of punters that I could look st and say yip they are totally paying as much tax as they should be morally or ethically.

It gets amplified by the rich because the figures are eye watering but if there is a legal way to make more money for shareholders who own a company and the top boss does it and makes himself more secure and probably hits his own profit targets and gets a bigger bonus, what private employee is gonna rock up to an AGM and say well guys company is doing great, your shares are worth a tenner, they could have been worth £14 but we are being the good guys. P45 the next morning because shares wouldn’t be worth a tenner, the pensions and hedge funds and every cunt in the City who viewed them as top line no brainer, maximising profit and share price which affects their clients portfolios start to think, then it only takes one or two to start the ball rolling and the share price that could have been £14 is now £8.

If you want to get shit done, it needs to be illegal instead of immoral or unethical.

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Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:41 pm
by Alfonso Bedoya
I think you're completely missing the point Zebs... closing the loopholes is easy... just do it... they don't get closed, because they're serving their purpose... these loopholes have existed for decades, and you can bet your eyeteeth the authorities have always known about them... and ignored them... and now they're getting exposure, those same authorities will wring their hands, and point there fingers, and cry foul... and all the while, new havens/loopholes, scams will develop elsewhere... and so on...

Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:53 pm
by redzebs
Well I am missing the point there then Alf, it’s not my job to judge, I’m just stating the answer, if fuckers won’t do it then that’s up to you to decide what you’d want done, I expect a lot of it would involve base ball bats.

I’m not getting into the rich v poor argument again, I’m not debating the ethics or morals, I’m just saying from the gaping loopholes in the riches ways to conduct business, to my endless amount of punters who were self employed, to the companies working for corporations claiming benefits in kind and shit getting written off tax free because of this or that to the solicitor that will find a way round things.

The majority in the modern society would if they could, even the great people promoting socialism, fuck me Karl Mark wrote the communist manifesto and is quoted by every cunt yet after taking an interest in him, his theory was that the workers having to work for capitalists to buy commodities from other capitalists, and eventually the system would collapse on itself, but people forget the last place he thought it would happen would be Russia and being such a leader of the poor, 1. He lives out his days quite comfortably and affluently in London and the funniest thing about people’s perception of his writings, he had no idea, not that he wasn’t smart enough, he just didn’t get to creating a plan of what a great society would look like, just that the workers would have enough eventually of working fircas little as their bosses could afford and being forced to ration that out and spend that money on other capitalist goods.

Anyway, my point is, there are few Saints in this world, and a taxi driver declaring he earns £9k when he earns £29k is still fucking the system.

Again, Im not judging either side, I’m just saying if that was most people and they could, they would.

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Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:15 am
by Alfonso Bedoya
Zebs... if you can't see the difference between a cabbie scamming a corrupt system for a few grand, that then means he can afford a few small luxuries for his family, instead of just getting by... and the corporate big shot scamming a corrupt system, that he was directly involved in creating, for millions, that he doesn't really need, to still remain filthy stinking rich... then there's not much point in discussing this further...

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Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:03 am
by Sid
Zebs, it's not just tax dodging either. It's rich cunts using public money to underwrite bullshit schemes, the queen investing shares in companies like Brighthouse that fuck poor people over, it's that rich cunt stealing 40m in 20 months from angola, a country wracked with poverty and record child mortality.

It's not just "rich man dodges tax - ah but we all would given the chance". The rich's finances have been laid bare and they're up to all manner of theft.

15% of britain's GDP is stored offshore. It's not immigrants and single mothers on welfare that are stealing all the money, it's the rich. We're told we have no money for schools, hospitals, wage rises, potholes in the road. We do, it's just all sitting in offshore accounts.

Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:18 pm
by Sid
Like this ... -taxpayers

The cunt got 117m dollars from the aussie taxpayer

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Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:29 pm
by pint vulger
Is this sexual harassment bollocks getting on your tits ?

Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:01 pm
by pint vulger
And another thing football manager 2018 (none of the previous have I subscribed ) has included a feature that allows a player to come out as gay .

Ffs the worlds gone fucking bananas.

Re: Alf to Sid...

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:35 pm
by redzebs
Ignoring HRry and Pint,

Alf and Sid, you’re missing my point,

See that’s why I said I wasn’t getting into the moral and ethical bit,

My point is everyone would if they could, well most,

Those born into a life of wealth and privelage will continue to ensure it continues,

Alf you already try and bring it down into morality “the difference between stealing a few grand of a corrupt government to feed their family”, see you are projecting there,

I’ve dealt with countless self employed people, builders, farmers, taxi drivers who had at least one buy to let property and loads who get residential mortgages in family members names so they need less of a deposit but rent them out anyway,

The displacing of assets, tax avoidance, I did deal with a lot of straight up families were both worked, had kids, had to budget, but still so many were getting it right because they’d kept say the females first apt from when she met and were waiting until the market picked up to sell,

Everyone was lying if they had a second house that they hadn’t lived in in 3 odd years and so would fall afoul of capital gains tax, by getting utility bills back in their name, saying they’d seoerated for a month or two in the middle so the clock would start again.

The self employed people I knew from border areas, you’d ask for their accounts and they’d say which ones, ie the ones HMRC sees or the real ones, putting relatives on the businesses to spread around the no tax threshold, partnerships that were sole traders.

I’m just saying, people will, according to their ability, means, access, and willingness to push boundaries,

Will by their very nature take advantage of any loopholes, chances, ways to get ahead.

It’s not a question of who’s more wrong,

I know your views on that, it’s about changing the system,

It’s like animal farm, there are still those who started out with fuck all and those who started out from a modest background with good schooling but not millions in a trust fund yet at some point, at what point even, when they have made enough, do they go from ordinary bloke who did well, to rich cunt? Because they all will have financial advisers and accountants and agents for this or that, helping them keep as much of that top line as possible.

America is perhaps a better example than the UK where you still have the gentry, inherited titles, a lot of self made men but also a lot who were born into a society were merit doesn’t matter so much as long as they attend the right school and uni etc.

That still might be the case in the states but you also had big booms like tech etc where the creators of social media platforms weren’t multi billionaires but now are becoming social pariahs because of what their companies are doing, Richard Branson started out with a wheel barrow didn’t he and could have been your da’s best mate down the pub but is now seen by many as a sell out rich toff, the Rock, started out with nothing, now highest paid actor in Hollywood, do you think even one of the nicest rich guys you could ever apparently meet who admits footballers get paid too much and has started this 1% to charity campaign, do you think he just collects his payslip and it has all the normal high rate deductions and then the money goes into the Co Op and he pays further income tax on the money in his normal Everyman savings account? Does he fuck!!

He might give loads to charity, he might use a lot of his money for good, but do you think he doesn’t have a hard nosed pen pusher somewhere making sure he keeps as much of the top line of what he’s paid as possible?


My point is simply thus, close the loop holes,

And if the people in power control the loopholes, then get new people in power.

That’s your only answer, but getting outraged at someone doing something they were brought up and taught was the way things were done will achieve the square root of fuck all.