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HARRY wrote:Swampster gets it!! ;)
I may be able to fix a forum but I can't fix a fuckwit
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I agree FuB but the one thing that doesn't help, and bearing in mind I've saw N Irelands give racism the red card program work wonders and the football team is now watch Ed by woman and chikdren, the fans are receiving awards and the team are now 20th in the world and will be seeded for a play off place in Russia.

So from seeing a 99% white population, the majority learn to become more tolerant then now have to try and learn how to avoid saying racist things when they aren't racist people,

E.g. Trying to teach people that saying that coloured young lad in our reserves looks the part, isn't on.

So I see it first hand,

But there are people who are professionally offended then when someone try's to submit any facts, they are a racist.

This country has come on (the uk) leaps and bounds but it would be easier and would give actual racists much less air time and the far right less ammmo and make them irrelevant if white hand wringers stopped trying to be inoffensive when the people they are worried about offending don't give a toss. Ie let's call Christmas winter fun. I just haven't met a single person of an ethnic minority background get annoyed about Christmas.

It's the small number of cunts who try not to offend and end up offending others and the professionally offended. Like that L'Oréal transgender model who they had to boot because she said all white people are racist then tried to defend it on public tv.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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