Right... so what now???

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HARRY wrote:
Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
Sid wrote:Nobody ever truly leaves this place do they

All these 'guests' that are on the forum will be old ranters
Tel, Robbo... who next Hormone, Dread... Galway???
Chris1664!! =))

My favourite Ranter ever Chris1664.

To be honest, one reason I don't get on here much is exactly what Alf described...it's just the same sniping shit by the same people. It spams the threads and I just cannot be arsed. I'm all for abuse... this place was built on it but it was throw away banter/abuse then we moved on to something different. For a period it was genius. It didn't help that a lot of regulars left...

It's now like ground hog day here...
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...

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