Kick it Out say Lukaku chant is racist

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redzebs wrote:
Sid wrote:So is she the barometer for what's acceptable?

None of that shite even matters tbf, he doesn't want you to sing it because he doesn't like it, so don't sing it?

Not at all, I'm just saying can you believe the fuckin hack that there is still such attitudes that are maybe not openly as bad but there is far too big a minority getting bigger,

Like are working class estates full of that type of attitude near you Sid seeing as you're in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the uk?

I was chatting to a guy who's one of my dads mates, sound as fuck, he was out nowhere near his house cutting down branches and bushes that had overgrown in a communal area, nice, polite guy, intelligent, would be the least likely I'd have thought to say anything racist so I was saying it was embarrassing the amount of people round my way, well my folks way, which is working class but there are no hoods and people are really polite to each other,, all know each other's families etc. it's a real safe area blah blah, anyway,

that wasn't it was embarrassing because the guy that owns the local shop wasn't making enough and an Asian guy from Bristol it turns out if anyone would bother to talk to him had taken it over, (Liverpool fan like but seems sound enough to me lol), but the latest kick up round my way is that he's Asian and all I've heard is a "Paki" has bought the shop, the girls will all lose their jobs because they'll move "their ones in".

Anyway so I was saying to him about the excessive vitoril that was getting trotted out like people saying they are going to walk another mile for the paper etc. and he said yeah I know maybe but wait until you see, they'll be opening 18 hours a day soon (again, I can now get something last minute that's more convenient, don't get this argument) and there must be about 40 families now (it's a big estate, 40 families isn't a lot) that have moved in and I was really disappointed in hearing one of the most tolerant people in the area, out doing a load of jobs on his day off around the area tidying it up just because.

Then I said to someone else that a lot of the families weren't connected in any way and a lot were Indian, and some would be from other parts of Asia as their heritage but they were UK passport holders and had the same rights as anyone else and I heard another polite woman who I know goes to a local Asian run hair salon and I know she isn't a racist because I've known her years and she's very tolerant even during the troubles, and they are friends but she couldn't see she was BEING racist by saying, "but aye I know what the guy means, the guy was right, there has been about 40 Paki families moving in like." So that was the coverall umbrella term.

So no, I won't sing the song he doesn't want sung, but I am as always interested to know, is the whole kick it out thing seen as pretty liberal busy bodying but as time changes, even good natured unintended offence needs to be stopped in case it causes offence why risk it?

And/or do the situations I described and that I was shocked at how serious that caller was purely because she said it on air instead of just among friends because so many people I know from when I was a kid and am getting to know again, are revealing themselves to me to have suddenly become racist as opposed to the bite your tongue casual racism you hear every day?

Like a women in a bar in Salford said to me at a game we like the Irish but we don't like Pakis, she was the land lady do it's not just over here!!!!!!

Do you find the North of England to be more susceptible to the attitude of catch a grip it's only a laugh while hiding some genuine racist views while the South in general is more liberal and you'd never hear that type of phone call on a daily talk show?
Not at all. Racism is attributed to working class thugs by the media. But the middle and upper classes are just as racist and prejudiced. They're the ones that pay for the EDL and BNP demos. All those people in the home counties with their expensive houses in leafy suburbia are terrified of "hoardes of immigrants" threatening their peaceful quiet privileged lives.

I think Kick It Out called the chant racist because its a black stereotype, one that defines black men by their genitalia, because they've been fetishized (since slavery tbf) - pretty much by the white people in leafy suburbia who probably don't know many black people but who love/hate them.

I just think he doesn't want us to sing about his cock so don't do it. Plus Alf's talking about kids at games - I'm not sure if Rom has a young family, but I know he has parents and brothers who won't really want to hear that his chant.
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