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Re: vs Swansea (League Cup)

Postby dozer » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:58 am

Why is Shaw still highly regarded by some here? He's never played well. His performances have been like Lindelof's except that Shaw's played more games and been shit.
If he was good like Ledley King, we can be patient with his injuries. But he's either injured or shite when he's fit. Why bother with such players?

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Re: vs Swansea (League Cup)

Postby redzebs » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:24 pm

Oh come off it Snoops, ffs, I was agreeing with some of your posts, but Shaw wasn’t fucking fat on Tuesday, now you’re taking the piss.

Not just you but dozer and the test slag off Young and Blind, is it not worth picking a lb once he’s fit and giving him a run off games, we need Rojo and Bailey back then Jose might be trusting.

I watched a lot of analysis of Lakaku today and I’ve probably been too hasty, I still expect him to make stuff up on his own but he’s been getting fuck all support and is being asked to track back which as the lone striker must do his fuckin bap in.

Pogba is training again with Zlatan, both will be ready with Rojo and Bailey by the Christmas calendar, that’s what we are doing, let’s face it, play and try to stay there or thereabouts until 4 players are back, Jones should be fit tomorrow after watching training today, yes they’ve replaced a good chunk of Fridays in house press conference with training, I think Jose went how many interviews a day?? Fack that! I’ll do my obligated ones. So we get training as well now which lets you see who looks ok and a bit of who’s probably going to feature.

To each their own, Fergie did a good 25 mins/half hour when he had his last great teams and slabbered and wound up Rafa and referees and the press so that was good, then when he couldn’t be fucked he threw on Querioz which because we where still whopping you didn’t mind. Then we basically reluctantly played a Rooney he wanted to bin with a retiring from full time Giggs and Scholes and the end of Rio Vidic and Evra, with one season RVP to polish any other shit and win us the league.

That was the Phelan pressers, then Moyes and LVG who both did extended interviews but some for tv then different ones for the written press shown later.

I think Jose is used to first team coach and that’s me now, get some other cunt to do extra shite, ie “I don’t know why Pogba is recuperating in Miami, ask the Doctor, I can only tell you if he is fit for this game which I won’t do because if I say no then he plays I was lying (SAF loved that wee trick, no he’s out, before a big game, next minute Scholes is out of retirement and whoever it was was starting). So I don’t speak about unavailable players, only available ones.” In other words, I’m older now do fuck off and let me try and train my way into what’s there.

To each there own but even if we don’t win the league, with the defenders, Pogba and Zlatan back and a transfer window if he wants it, I want no excuses for the rest of the league, champions league and fa Cup.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.

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