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dozer wrote:Martial isn't the fourth player.
Anderson, Nani (I think), Guiseppe Rossi, Rafael, Fabio, Nick Powell, our youth setup all have failed.
It's hard to remember the crap young players, I'm sure there are a lot more.

yes, but this is why your argument comes across as fatuous to me. You're talking about "splurging" cash on young players and then giving a list of players that didn't cost very much. Nani was 20 and I think, even though it wasn't stellar, he had an OK career for us. Anderson is a case in point... I'll let him be "the fourth" then.

dozer wrote:I didn't say United splurged on Ronaldo.

No you didn't.... but I did. At the time, he was the most expensive teenager ever in English football. I'd say that counts as a "splurge".

dozer wrote:My point is why splurge on very young players when we can splurge on established stars?

United don't buy teenagers yes but that's because they are USUALLY a liability.

You can't deny that your initial post came off as if you were implying we were constantly fucking up and throwing cash at young players. We've splurged on plenty established stars that have, retrospectively, turned out to be a mistake.
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