Unrealistic summer transfer wankfest III

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2 days ago

And don't forget the players we could have had but didn't like Strootman and Eriksen for a combined £28 million. There just seems to be no coherent transfer policy, as an example did we really need Sanchez when there are glaring deficiencies in other areas of the team? You only have to look at City to see how a proper transfer policy works.
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4 hours ago

On paper we have a good/very good first XI and subs aren’t too shabby. They just have to play in a way that when you win you can put up with, if you lose, the style gets rightly called out because there’s no victory so the whole excercise wasn’t worth it.

You tell me this is a team really really lacking on paper from players on our books we could be/are using


TV Bailey Rojo Shaw


McT Pogba

Sanchez Lakaku Rashford

Team 2


Fosu Tuanzabe Jones Young

Carrick Herrera

Lingard Mata Perriera


Subs/not used/dross/whatever

Zlatan Smalling Darmian Fellani Blind couple of good young keepers Gomez and Chong next breakthrough stars

Fuck me, get Perriera and Fosu back, ditch 4 say with two retiring/semi retiring to America,

Sign another midfielder and an actual wide man other than Sanchez and you can not complain about that team.

Sanchez Pogba DDG Bailey Matic, the likes of Rashford Martial, young defenders who deserve a chance, Shaw who’s come back from injury spot on, no brainer,

And we have the cheek to moan about other teams!!!!

You can’t pick an 11 to play exciting non-nullify and hope football out of that team plus another £200 mill or so?

Then you shouldn’t manage a top club.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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1 hour ago

I like the look of that Maguire at Leicester. Not exactly Rio but he's better than anything we've got.
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46 minutes ago

I thought the same when we played them.
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