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Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:32 pm
by FuB

I've really missed your posts, Zebs. It's like having our own, resident forum Barbara Cartland. A new novel every week.

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:51 pm
by Sid
bman2 wrote:
2 years ago
Pretty certain the club will stick with Jose and we'll see Pogba and Martial sold in the summer (obviously others like Shaw too). Fucking hell, then what happens if Jose blows up and engineers his expensive sacking midway through the season?

We could end up worse off than ever after this.
This is my worry, that the club indulge Jose rather than call time because they don't want to sack another manager and because of the whole 'Fergie got 6 years' shite

Backing the manager time and time again is expensive if not impossible for us. I doubt we have the funds or time to replace all of the players Jose falls out with or doesn't trust. A new Pogba, Sanchez, Shaw, Martial, and the ones we don't know about... It's a shitload. To get all the deals done in a season or two would see us signing a fair few job doers to fill holes.

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:14 pm
by brianofnazarethffs
redzebs wrote:
2 years ago
brianofnazarethffs wrote:
2 years ago
To be fair to him, he's spot on.

He inherited a fucking dreadful team, quality wise and attitude wise. The lack of investment for the last few years under Fergie has come back to haunt us. Then add the fact that we had Moyes and LVG waste a fuck load of money... he's had a near impossible job.

I have said all along he needs another summer (2018) to add some much needed quality. He is re-building the squad alongside a Man City that have a country backing them, they have been investing heavily for 5-6 years whilst we fucked up. Also the Premier league has now become a "top 6". We also have only lost TWICE at home all season, we needed to bring back the 'fear factor' at OT and he has done that.

I get what some people's problem is with him, some of the negative side of his managerial style regarding the defensive manner in which we play during some games. We also need to remember that for the first part of the season we played some great attacking football and for a short time we were averaging 4 goals a game! He can only take SOME of the blame...when are people going to POINT the finger at the players?? They get away with fucking murder. That team he started against Sevilla should've battered them...they didn't preform. It lays at their feet.

Finally, look at what he inherited...SMALLING. JONES. FELLANI. LINGARD...etc.

Who did Pep inherit.....De Bruyne, Aguero, Silva, Kompany, Sterling....etc....

I think we need to relax and give him time. We cannot gamble again and changing everything for someone who "may" play like Barca! FFS.

The deluded fuckers who have the entire Fergie era down as a free flowing United scoring 5-6 goals every game need to wake the fuck up too. The fact is Mourinho has us playing very similar to Fergie's united... apart from the negative "hold onto a lead" mentality etc.

That’s complete ballix tbf, you’ve just picked players you think and/or are unpopular and shit and lines them up against Peps better players.

That's the point of a comparison FFS. It's a fact. Pep inherited better players, those are the players this season that are winning him the title.
If you can't understand, them it's pointless going on with this fact

Jose inherited a team who’d just missed 4th on goal difference, won the FA cup and was inheriting

DDG :- took Pep about three goes to find a keeper

TV :- who was arguably the best rb in the league, Pep had to wait and pay £50 mill for Walker

Rashford :- just inherited a discovered gem who was a kid smashing records left right and centre

Martial :- good break through season, unfortunate Jose got him during ongoing personal problems
Proves my point

Mata :- he’d sold him once before but considering he’s a 10 shunted our wide, his stats are quality.

Herrera :- Not world class but solid, poty in Joses first fucking season!
What does an off form player prove? Totally goes against your argument

Jones is as good as Otemendi on his day which is most days only when he can stay fit. Also point to note, Jose rocks out Otemendi as ‘erritage, he was considered a flop when he first joined after big expectations and has only been at his best since Pep arrived.
So again, Mourinho has missed out on having Jones because of his sicknote record

KDB, oh ok, so we are behind because City have a player you sold because he wasn’t good enough......
Irrelevant argument KDB has been City's player of the season and arguable the best player in the Premier League, Pep inherited him...

Before our first match he had added a top young cb, supposedly the best young midfielder in the world, and a legend of the game who was still a beast.

He finished 6th.

Second season signs another young cb, jury’s still out but that’s the best keeper in the league, a solid rb, two cbs he signed, and what should have been a given in Shaw who is being kept out of the team not on bases of performances, though Young has been good, by a 32 year old with no long term future who’s holding Shaw back and will probably lead to us selling Shaw on the cheap, squeezing one last year out of young and signing a by then 27/28 year old Danny Rose or someone not as good as Shaw.

You’re bringing up Lingard and Fellani,

Both could easily have been binned off or ostracised, instead Fellani was Jose’s surprise golden boy while Bastian was banned from even training with the first team!!!! And it’s Jose picking Lingard at 10 over Mata, Mickey T when he was here, playing Rashford or Martial beside our world record CF.

The players have to take responsibility ok, but when you are set up to play like shite but win and you miss hit a pass or you do something individually that isn’t in the grand overall job you’ve been given, you’re confidence goes and/or you get a bollicking,

You end up with all the better players, the skilful ones, playing like individuals and the less talented players looking half decent because they have a job and they just focus on that.

I thought we’d either scrape through just about or there was a good chance we’d go out, when I saw the team I couldn’t understand seeing even though he’d dropped Pogba, ie eliminating the Sanchez getting in each other’s way on the left, why Rashford who had just returned to the starting line up, had been moved positions after a brace against the dippers. That being said, he picked Fellani to double the effect the flick ons eg Lakaku against Liverpool, could have as Lakaku and Fellani both tried to get the second balls to red shirts.

It failed and if Muriel hadn’t been shite, we could have went out 3 or 4 without any excuses.

Pogba can’t even be arsed to put a shift in, Sanchez is really struggling, he’s (Jose) is exposing Matic against 2 and 3 man midfields and we can’t defend set pieces or even average balls in the box, how the fuck we’ve conceded so few goals apart from DDG is beyond me.

And last week it was because Pep had unlimited money, now it’s because ‘erritage??

Fuck off. Even other positions, was a fit Stones better than a fit Rojo? Nope.

But not playing your only proper young good lb is fuckin dense, signing a young cb when you’ve already signed one and not calling up Tuanzabe just and not loaning Fosu would have been far better for me.

Perriera is another one, best young midfielder in Spain on loan st the worst club and can play 7 11 8 10 6 and even 9, nah loan him out again, to the point where it looks like he’ll stay at a big Spanish side.

“Every wall is a door”

Fuck me, and we thought LVG had some crackers.

People point to Sterling who’s on 19 I think, Martial, Rashford, been rotated with each other, no long runs, still both in double figures and Lingard the apparent shite house will finish the season on at least 15, he’s already 2nd behind Lakaku.

Imagine what Pep would have those figures at.

Now we are talking about going back in for Persic who despite now being older and knocking on 30 if we got him (30 is not a good winger age) and maybe binnning a 23 year old Martial.

Nah, far too much slack, that whole it’s no big deal, you have the big clubs ever year Barca Juventus Madrid Munich then every so often another club ie like us, he refers to his Inter side but also backs it up by saying I’ve knocked United out with Porto and Madrid as if we should be used to it.

Fergie used to say his regret was not winning more European trophies, well no fucking harm, if Fergie had had that aging team that Madrid knocked out but had had another two money is no object defenders added, a dm and an attacking midfielder who had played in a champions like final and was rated by virtually everyone as top drawer, a world class elite level attacker who could play wide or central and (ok Zlatan is older and was fit but just wanted to be 100%), two centre forwards, one young with 100 premier goals, the other a legend,

I’d say he’d have gotten past Seville.

Crowd :- attack attack attack

Players look scared of fucking up, play it safe, don’t do anything risky even you see a chance, just pass back or hoof. These are players who had none of these issues previously or at other clubs
The same players who were "scared" under Moyes, LVG and now Mourinho?? It's bullshit. It's a lazy argument, the players can attack, they were doing it at the start of the season with no problem.

Jose :- I am very disappointed at my players, sideways, backwards. Apart from my Island Matic, no one is doing anything except Scott, he did not play well but he has a good personality...........

This is what I said before and I’ll say it again, we will be awful to watch, the tactics will be outdated but successful enough to win the odd trophy. He’ll eventually check out and send his mini bar bill to Ed Woodward and the next manager will have proper young players and experienced players who still are around the 30 mark.

At least he agrees there but he says he’s going nowhere and will be there for a good while yet but the next manager can inherit players like.......Matic??? He’ll be about 33/34 the way Jose is talking.

That would have been like LVG saying I’m leaving but I have left the next manager players like Carrick and Young.
Fucking hell. What a load of complete fucking shit. You know just because you write the equivalent to 'War and Peace' it doesn't make you 'right' or 'spot on'. I'm not even going to read most of it as it's complete waffle. I've commented on what my original post covered, you've gone off on a strange rant, totally missing what I said.

Too be clear for you, I DO blame Jose for certain things this season, my POINT was that the players are getting away with absolute murder with dreadful performances. It's not JUST down to Jose. That's the whole point, Jose is right, some players are not stepping up like they should. So we sack Mourinho...give me a name of a replacement that will play the beautiful game with THIS squad and win it all? WE need to make a decision, replace managers every two years or stick with their choice.

If you think we've made no improvement since Jose has arrived compared to Moyes/LVG then you're blind.

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:17 pm
by lkhmffsstopmovingabout
city fucked off all the shite ours are getting new deals and all started against saville

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:21 pm
by lkhmffsstopmovingabout
and his signings are mostly part of tthe shite

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:23 pm
by lkhmffsstopmovingabout
sack the cunt

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:28 pm
by Sid
Knob you're being too cryptic, tell us what you really think

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:48 pm
by FuB
could it be that Knob is trying to get his post count up after years in the doldrums? wish he had a clear message anyway.

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:49 pm
by Lazarus
Bri- "Too be clear for you, I DO blame Jose for certain things this season, my POINT was that the players are getting away with absolute murder with dreadful performances. It's not JUST down to Jose. That's the whole point, Jose is right, some players are not stepping up like they should. So we sack Mourinho...give me a name of a replacement that will play the beautiful game with THIS squad and win it all? WE need to make a decision, replace managers every two years or stick with their choice.

If you think we've made no improvement since Jose has arrived compared to Moyes/LVG then you're blind."

Bri we have no clue what Jose is doing about the players behind closed doors, yes they are all not playing well but why? It's not because they are shite players. Jose can't get a tune out of them in any combination.

What are they doing in training because there isn't one player who has improved. If your sent out game after game to play slow unadventurous football over a period of years it takes it's toll. The best players play at speed and on instinct our players never get that chance for more than one or two moments in a game. That's down to Jose.

As for who replaces him hopefully somebody better, more attack minded, not an utter arsehole. It doesn't matter who we come up with on here, we'll be subjected to whoever it is and some ballbag will claim they always knew it would be him and he''ll be class......... I'll wait until i actually see 'class'.

...and winning it all means fuck all if it's bollockless, negative, pragmatic, shite....

Re: Jose Mourinho

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:40 pm
by brianofnazarethffs
Lazarus wrote:
2 years ago
FuB wrote:
2 years ago
sadly the popcorn smilie I added yesterday is not behaving right. I will need to give the forum a kick but i'll wait for a quiet moment to do that.
A bit like Knobby tbf

Him and Bri have almost opposite opinions on Jose and yet rather than have an old style Rant face-off they're just dialing it in. The old days on Rant were 'class' you know...... i-)
Listen, I’m all for getting rid if there’s an alternative.. or a long term plan, it’s just at the moment I believe we need to steady the ship and get some of our fear factor back (only losing twice at OT this season, etc)