Bank holidays/public holidays what are you doing?

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Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
redzebs wrote:I'm a brown haired unionist, I'm just liberal as fuck over here!

Though I saw some scallys allowed in bars today, Adam Johnson would have been doing 25 years with some of that shit, plus there was minimal rioting unfortunately that bomb victim from last week died, turns out it my old mans mate, twenty years on the landing keeping the peace together, used to play Santa at Christmas days for us kids, fuckin scum don't know when to stop, like ISIL only they don't have the balls to kill themselves at the same time to cause maximum damage, one thing to be thankful for I suppose.
Mmm, yeah, but we talkin brown or Auburn Zebs???

Brown but it has a cows lick if I were to let it go so you can take the piss out of that, is it called a cows lick in England or is that a local thing?
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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