when,where, will ,religion be banned?

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Its got to be on the horizon,taking my experience having being raised in a strict RC family ,the Vatican are consistently changing the rules .
You couldnt eat meat on Fridays
You had to fast prior to communion
.You had to go to Mass on Sundays.
You could only marry a Catholic
Etc etc
Church numbers have dwindled in this country like I would have never imagined ,i,m sure that is true in Europe too.So lets say that has taken 50 years to happen,will the same thing happen in the Muslim faith in Europe in another 50 years .
I,m sure there will come a time when banning religion may not be as offensive / outrageous as it seems today.
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It was banned in Cuba after the revolution, but the ban was later repealed. Don't hold out too much hope for it being banned again anywhere soon.
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redzebs wrote:
Mumford wrote:
redzebs wrote:
Mumford wrote:I don't have a problem with religion, or religious people, what I have a problem with is people with imaginary friends killing real people.

No-one is right or wrong in this, at the moment we have ISIS running around killing people in the name of Islam, 600 years ago it was knights in armour killing Muslims.

Another point, the Gods must enjoy all this, after all each side prays to a God, in WW2 German soldiers had a belt buckle with the motto "Gott Mitt Uns" which basically meant "God is with us".

I also have my Grandfathers diary from WW1, he was at Galipolli, Ypres and Paschendale, in his diary at the end of the war he wrote that he had seen and witnessed many things, and said that if there really was a God, then he must be a bit of a bastard to let things like that happen to his creation.

Banning religion will never happen, too many people believe and have faith, You could always do what the USSR did and have one official religion, the same as the Greeks, but there will always be some fanatics out there trying to convince others that their imaginary friend is bigger and better.

We do have an official religion, it's Christianity! The Queen is the head of it!

I'm not making an argument either way but it's just a fact!
I hate to correct you, the Queen is only the head of the Protestant Church in the UK, we also have a head of the Catholic Church.

I hate to correct you but COE is the OFFICIAl religion
Oh dear

C Of E = Church of England, as opposed to the Roman Catholic church. Henry VIII created the Church of England so that he could divorce women and have their heads chopped off
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Oh dear what? I know what coe is dick head, and I know how and why it was created, history documentaries are my go to viewing at night, I love history. I love documentaries, films, works of fiction based on historical events, period dramas, all of it. But even if you'd no interest in history,

Its not fuckin rocket science, yeah Henry bounced Catholicism, Mary repealed the act, Elizabeth then bounced the repealing of the act but changed the title of the reigning Monarch to Supreme Govener so as it didn't sound like the Monarch was claiming some sort of divinity, sure the reigning UK Monarch still has Defender of the Faith in the title even though they got it taken off them and had to just do what Henry did and decide to give it back to them aside from the Popes decree.

But the point is, if the Queen is the head of state, whether you agree or not, and her official religion is the Supreme Govener of the coe and cos, then Christianity is by default the official religion of England and Scotland, as the Prime Minister gets advice from the coe regarding its suggested running and then discusses this with the Queen. It's all ceremonial but it's still true.

Same in Scotland.

NI and Wales don't have official Churches in relation to those recognised by law to be the official religion of the land, therefore Christianity through the Churches of England and Scotland, is the OFFICIAL religion.

Of course as time has went on, people are allowed to worship who they wish, but stop trying to be a smart arse by playing on semantics.
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