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This environment thing , i,m a little puzzled ( i know thats not hard) Back in the days when Bobby Charlton dined in the Berni Inn it wasnt in the Evening News , on more than some days we literally couldnt see across the street ,it wasnt the low cloud or the fog we are getting lately, it was soot ridden smog ,my Mam made me wear my scarf around my gob to stop inhaling the shit.

Hardly suprisng seeing that we lived in one of the most industrial areas in Europe ,within yards of our house were huge factories spouting out all kinds of shit,a pit ,a huge railway shunting yards chemical factories ( basically where the Emptyhad is now) with of course steam engines,and almost evryong had coal fires in the house plus 3/4 of the adult population smoked.I hear what they say about cars ,agreed no one in our street had a car ,but at rush hour there was still similar traffic with buses ,lorries and cars spilling out the crap like they do now,i dont know but i,m pretty certain there wasnt any catalytic converters on them.

The air today was clear and clean,I admit i dont know the scientific figures ,but common sense tells me it is a million times better than it was when i was walking to school.As far i know Russia ,USA,China and India was the same.

So how is the air not better now than it has in donkeys years?
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