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Lazarus wrote:As Alf says i believe that nothing is expected to fix the Brain Damage, the treatment is supposed to have a 10% chance of helping the muscle wasting problem.
Why is this kid so important when there are thousands of kids dying all over the world everyday due to disease, hunger, poverty or war etc? Most of those kids don't have irreparable brain damage.
I would have thought that with respect to the worlds sick ,hungry or vulnerable children ,little Charlie is naturally most important to his parents, it's not the families fault it's plastered all over the press.They are hoping for a miracle and who can blame them .
God love em.
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Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
redzebs wrote:I'm not sure I'd go that far with America Alf, like any parent I can only imagine that they want to keep him alive no matter what, no matter in what state, in the hope that someday a cure will be found to wipe out any affliction, no matter how impossible that might seem.

I'm sure there are people using the situation for their own purposes like when Jermaine Defoe made Bradley's story massive, the parents had to say, please be aware of the false just giving pages.

But right up to Obsmacare etc. I'm sure they could have found a local situation, which they could control easier for those sorts of evil, twisted schemes.
First off... the treatment as far as I understand, is so experimental it hasn't even been tried on animals... fair enough, as a parent you want to try absolutely anything... but this treatment is being put forth by outsiders who know nothing about Charlie himself, but claim to have been caught up in the tragic story... the doctors and specialist who DO know Charlie, are making the very reasonable argument, that whatever this treatment might achieve, it will do nothing for the brain damage... even IF, they make some slight improvement on Charlies body, there's no Charlie inside, to feel the benefits... I can't put myself in the parents shoes, but if I try, I do wonder if I'd want that for my daughter... I don't think I would... and that makes me wonder if the parents are being given false hope, by people who have other angles in this...

As Far as the Americans finding a "local situation"... that misses the point... when Obama was trying to get his health care policy through, he put forth the UK and our NHS as a system to aspire to... but opponents to it, largely backed by the insurance industry who stood to lose billions, countered that, and also used the UK and our NHS as an example of what America should be afraid of... I even remember a specific article written by some Republican, claiming that we had what he called "death panels"... whose responsibility it was to decide whether individuals were worth the cost of saving... this is exactly the sort of case he was talking about, right here in England... and it does make me wonder why Trump has gotten involved...
I think Trump has become involved solely because he sees (or his advisors see) an opportunity for some positive PR. Uncle Donald reaching out to offer hope to a stricken and critically disabled baby. That's it, nothing more. He'll suspect that the outcome will rule out any possibility of the experimental treatment, so he can stand back as a beacon of light to the world and say 'I tried'.

It's a tragic case. And it's easy to be dispassionate when it's not your own child but I tend to think that the smallest mercy would be to let the kid slip away, as peacefully as possible.
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I think you're right.
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