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Because those pushing for Brexit were telling the voters of course nothing will change, there will be more money and of course immigration without thinking that the rest of Europe would give a big up yours to keeping the same Benefits.

What people also didn’t think about was that if in a few years the UK runs back to the EU then they will have to accept the Euro and have no special privilege’s as they have to day.

Maybe a Hard Brexit with no Trade Deal, with no deal on expatriates from the EU and UK and the possibility of the likes of Johnson, Gove and Mogg Rees gaining more power will show people how royally they have buggered up, add to that wee Jimmy Krankie (Sturgeon) and others who voted to stay but will have to leave should press for Independence which in principle I am against but surely its time that these politicians were shown it’s not about them it’s about the people.
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