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2 weeks ago

fat maradona wrote:
2 weeks ago
Niguez on his way to Chelsea by the looks of it. They don't need him and we could do with him.

Real offered £189m for Mbappe but looks like they'll get him on a freebie next year. PSG got more money than sense if that's true.
There's the difference between a club happy with 4th, and a club looking to keep winning the top competitions.

We are going into the season with an injured mctominay, fred, matic, and pogba.

Club still run like a joke.

Chelsea have jorginho( just won uefa player of the year), kante and kovacic, all better options for the centre than what we currently have, and they go out and secure saul, another top quality option.
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2 weeks ago

I can see Chelsea being a real contender for winning the PL this season. Wish I could say the same for United.
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