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Its hardly suprising people are panicking because the result is one of the worst in the clubs PL history ,i remember Burley and Wigan cost Utd titles and Wolves was as bad,but when everything is taken into account,the fact that apart from Inces son who I thought played for Derby ? I,ve never heard of the rest of Huddersfield side ( btw fucking well done to them ) Lukaku alone must have cost as much as thier total squad and thats unacceptable for me , if you cant hack it dont demand obscene wages.All in all apart from the 1-6 i can count on one hand similar shock results which have me as baffled,even a fucking draw would have been bad.

Nothing winds me up more than seeeing Mikishit swanning up at Carrington today in a fucking white Batman car !!! Its taking the piss for me.,if i was him I woukd have got a black cab with tinted fucking windows. And i wouldnt be resting the cunts tomorrow,I would start the same side and tell them to,go out and earn ( if thats possible) the wedge they are drawing. Playing shit ,being unlucky,the ref great performance by the opponents etc is an excuse but not fucking trying 100% is not.

And i,m not blaming the manager he doesnt play ,but i will be having a closer look from here on in, from my amateur observations I see

Lindleov not up to it yet despite costing a fortune ,not his fault it was an unnecessary signing.
Blind ,normally escapes my ire but boy he was shite in Portugal,no wonder Holland dipped out.
Shaw ffs how long?
Herrera just a stop gap.
Mata, i thought he was overated at Chelsea but he did impress the rent boys ,his mistake on sat was conference level.
Lindegard ,come on kid dont rest on your Wembley laurels.
Martial ,gloves for ffs sums him up.
Mikit smile you cunt ( applies to above) ,dont you realise how lucky you are ,try and pas to a red shirt.
Rashford you could be anything if you step back and hone your terrible ball control skills ,practice pracrice.
Lukaku 6'6 but 5 6 when you attack the ball ,fucking jump with your neck out,stay behind with Rashford and practice similarly.Hes fucking pants atm i cant think any recent striker at the club who you would consider him to be better than.He has evrything in his favour physique and a club to showcase his talent but he needs to show it and quickly ,and dont give me that hes scored a few ,he aint scored any that I would have missed,maybe apart from the header ( where he didnt jump)

Welbeck Evans,Cleverly Hernandez and Kagagwa are easily still good enough the maj of the above havnt improved the squad .And Ibra who lets face it is finished and was last season is still better than his £75 M replacement.

Finally Note to Pogba when you return and Lindegard and co if and when results get better cut out the fucking dabbing histrionics and remember you got dicked by fucking Huddersfield.

One thing for sure post this debacle Jose will know ( as if he doent already know) who can and cant rely on.
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Tottenham and City are going to totally outplay us, but we might nick a 0-0.
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I was being sarcastic about Carrick and Fellani, Snoop and Harry have went into fuck fuck defend Jose at all costs mode, it's all down to injuries, well Matic is still the first choice dm and you both think Fellani and Carrick shouldn't be near the team even though Jose is blaming their absences and Pogbas for his shite defensive football that does not work anymore i.e. One shot at Liverpool.

So even you can't bring yourself to agree with the Fellani and Carrick bits so apparently it's all down to Pogba. And previously decent players all deciding to just be shite.

Nothing to do with tactics. And twisting stats instead of just watching the game, Lakaku has had the best start of any United forward ever.

Wow, just wow.

When you think of some of the forwards we've had who've looked fucking boss from the get go but haven't been the sole striker and maybe not even an out and out 9, just because the haven't scored against complete garbage and a few tap ins, Lakaku looking shocking is beyond reproach.

I want him to be class, I'd love some skills and the ball not to bounce off him, but there's two things that worry me, no matter the formation, no matter the player, under Jose, they have always dropped deep, he's said so himself, it's to also bring other attacking players into the game and usually to have a plan b when you need to get it up to a presence upfront, so I'll cut him some slack there,

But there's also Everton fans, Chelsea fans and West Bron fans, who yes the first haven't replaced him properly, fair enough, but in general, all three sets of fans will tell you that he goes misses for chunks of the season and I'm sorry, for me, Zlatan can trap a ball, can handle a long ball, can produce something from nothing, so until we sign another Pogba, another 10 apparently, and two wide men and oh a left back, then Zlatan is a better fit and at 36 coming back from a long term injury, that's a slamming indictment on Lakaku,

Because for that sort of money, when the rest of the team is playing shite, it's up to you to produce something out of nothing, it's up to you to make and take every chance, because for £75 mill plus Rooney plus Rooneys wages plus his own wages, he needs to sharpen up to fuck and start standing out way above everyone else, otherwise he's just a decent forward who's decent for a small team where the play is totally focused on him, or in a top class attacking side were again, he'll get loads of chances on a plate.

Also, have to agree, not looking like a total froot and going for 50/50 balls, jumping, and not looking like he's fucked off with the tactics when he's being told to track back by Jose,

For an athlete, with his speed and Stamina, he should be able to do that job, it just looks like he doesn't want to.

Which is worrying, he looks like he's arrived at a big club and thinks I've made it but fuck this tracking back and having to work a lot harder shite, I'll do enough to get by and if chances aren't created for me then it ain't my problem.

Which could be why Jose loves your Lingards and Fellanis, because, it doesn't matter what they lack, they look grateful and eager and will run into the ground for the team, and Jose loves that.

But, best start over any United forward ever, I'll take Rooney stepping into a team as a kid, an intimidating proper team with no guarantee of being the man and scoring a hat trick.

Or Cantonas difference to a young team.

Or a host of other legends.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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