A rebuilt?

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1 day ago

De Gea -- time to sell?
Romero -- OK to be first choice for a season
Lee Grant -- FFS
Pereira — what's his story, backup to Romero for a season?

Lindelof -- OK
Bailly — shite
Jones — shite
Smalling — OK, squaddie, can't play football
Rojo — shite
Shaw — OK
Young — shite, squaddie for one more season
Dalot — OK, let's see
Darmian — FFS
Valencia — FFS

Matic — OK, not the future
Pogba — Sell if not committed. He needs to see a future at United, fair enough, he only has one career to live.
Fred — OK, let's see
Herrera — gone already
McTominary — OK, let's see
Mata — let him go
Pereira — let him go

Martial — the bill is past due
Sanchez — FFS
Lingard — OK squaddie, though overpaid
Lukaku — not good enough, but not our biggest problem
Rashford — definitely hold onto

It's not pretty reading is it? And no, i'm not referring to the thread title. Fucking autocorrect.
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1 day ago

Apart from that we're OK.....

We absolutely need a rebuild. If De Gea's heads gone, then he should go, with our thanks. I'm not a massive Romero fan, but he could probably hold the fort for a year. Similarly, Pogba needs to go too. I've had enough.

We need a Centre Back, Right Back, Centre Mid and Right Winger. Get those 4 in, with as much quality as we possibly can. 3-4 More then following summer.

We can't rebuild in a single summer.

But its moot anyway. I don't think we have the appetite or the capability to rebuild this club into a top force, under the current regime.
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1 day ago

The Glazers don't have the appetite or infrastructure, we'll probably have to wait until Klopp and Guardiola have fucked off in order to compete again
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1 day ago

What is a rebuild though?

Just my view, but in the past few windows we've spunked money at big-name players and not made any real progress - just enough to stem a complete rot. I'm not a fan of these rumours linking us with players like Bale again; way too much money, and no re-sale value. If we were to go in for someone like him now we'd be laughed at by the rest of Europe (even more so!).

I'd rather we just cut our losses and started recruiting exciting youth players - within the current squad players like Rashford, McTominay (and now Dalot) have shown what they can do when given a chance, and just look at the success Ajax are having (not to mention the football they can play!).

If it's going to take us years to catch up with Barca, why not make those years worthwhile - get some exciting talent in, start the team afresh and we might just have a team to be proud of again.
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