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5 months ago

swampash wrote:
5 months ago
Can anyone explain the logic of the substitutions in this game?
Ighalo for Greenwood is like for like.
Mata for McT - taking off McT makes sense given his recent return from injury. I'd rather Mata than Lingard or Perreira, especially after the promising display between him and Bruno against Bruges.

72 mins in, fresh legs, trying to galvanise the team for a winner. Both of those looked fine to me.

Willams for Martial on 89. Presumably Ole felt that Everton were the most likely team to nick it, which I'd agree with, and he wanted to shore up for a point.
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5 months ago

swampash wrote:
5 months ago
DDG needs to be dropped! If he keeps being let off the hook for fuck ups, he's just going to carry on making them.
Not exactly a catalogue of fuck ups tbf. He's made as many world class saves to keep us in the games. Goalie errors are highlighted even more as they lead to goals, whereas errors around the rest of the pitch can be masked over.
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