United's manager next season

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Who would you have as United manager next season?

David Moyes
Jurgen Klopp
Louis Van Gaal
Roberto Martinez
Ryan Giggs
Total votes: 44
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6 years ago

Ironically would have made a good wingback as going forward was never the problem.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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Alfonso Bedoya
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6 years ago

marlon wrote:Van Gaal's supposed to have an eye for a young player too...

Apparently Bayern tried to talk about an extension with Guardiola, but he wasn't listening. Might be a similar thing to Barca - he just gets so involved, he can't keep it up for more than a few years at one club.

Doubt he'd get bored - got an incredible squad to work with, doesn't have to pander to a Messi and the Bundesliga is probably the most interesting league (tactically) in Europe.
Bored might be the wrong term, but he's going to have another title in the bag weeks before the end of the season... the Bayern press will laud him to fuck, but the football press in the rest of Europe will start taking the piss out of the league... he won't get much credit with all the talent he's got... in fact Bayern are already being accused of bullying the German transfer market to the detriment of the league... the way they've crushed Dortmund off field has been widely reported and condemned... the Premier league will walk away with the best league in the world title again, simply due to its competitiveness... Real, Barca and Bayern can moan all they want about being head and shoulders better than any other team, but they can't deny that they operate in unbalanced leagues, and receive preferential treatment... it may be legal, but it's not fair, and that's that...

Guardiola is no different that any other elite manager... he needs acclaim to fuel his ego... if Mourinho wins here, which is likely, he'll be "The Man" again... not Guardiola...

If you think about it... it's a perfect match for everyone in the Premier league... Guardiola v Mourinho, in a league where there are 5/6 teams realistically capable of taking points off each other...

Wouldn't be so sure it will be us that gets him though... in fact, knowing the way we work, and the tards that run things... it's more than likely we'll stick with old man Van Gaal, while City takes Guardiola, and Arsenal sign Klopp...
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Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
marlon wrote:http://www.espnfc.us/blog/tactics-and-a ... hael-caley

Dortmund just unlucky

Nothing wrong with Klopp
Yeah, it doesn't help when you lose a player like Lewendowski either... Dortmund have been raped by Bayern, and I've no doubt that it was deliberate and cynical... talent all over the world, but let's poach the best players from our main rival first...
Same shit Chelsea used to do before the started winning titles. I remember a few years back, they were going toe-to-toe with Charlton Athletic for that precious third place in the league (back when there were only 3 Champions League places for the Premier League), and about midway through the season, Charlton seemed like they were edging it, but then Chelsea decided that the way forward was to sign Scott Parker, who was then Charlton's star player, and the Parker spent almost the entire remainder of the season warming Chelsea's bench while Charlton gradually slipped away.

You could say City did the same kind of thing, considering how many of Arsenal's key players they bought over the space of about 3 or 4 years, thus rendering Arsenal far less competitive for Champions League places back when that was as much as City could realistically aspire to.
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