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pint vulger
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Re: Alf to Sid...

Postby pint vulger » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:01 pm

And another thing football manager 2018 (none of the previous have I subscribed ) has included a feature that allows a player to come out as gay .

Ffs the worlds gone fucking bananas.

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Re: Alf to Sid...

Postby HARRY » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:22 am

Luke Shaw drops anchor in poo bay.
"Hi guys...weekends here again. Hope youve all earned a few quid!!".

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Re: Alf to Sid...

Postby redzebs » Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:35 pm

Ignoring HRry and Pint,

Alf and Sid, you’re missing my point,

See that’s why I said I wasn’t getting into the moral and ethical bit,

My point is everyone would if they could, well most,

Those born into a life of wealth and privelage will continue to ensure it continues,

Alf you already try and bring it down into morality “the difference between stealing a few grand of a corrupt government to feed their family”, see you are projecting there,

I’ve dealt with countless self employed people, builders, farmers, taxi drivers who had at least one buy to let property and loads who get residential mortgages in family members names so they need less of a deposit but rent them out anyway,

The displacing of assets, tax avoidance, I did deal with a lot of straight up families were both worked, had kids, had to budget, but still so many were getting it right because they’d kept say the females first apt from when she met and were waiting until the market picked up to sell,

Everyone was lying if they had a second house that they hadn’t lived in in 3 odd years and so would fall afoul of capital gains tax, by getting utility bills back in their name, saying they’d seoerated for a month or two in the middle so the clock would start again.

The self employed people I knew from border areas, you’d ask for their accounts and they’d say which ones, ie the ones HMRC sees or the real ones, putting relatives on the businesses to spread around the no tax threshold, partnerships that were sole traders.

I’m just saying, people will, according to their ability, means, access, and willingness to push boundaries,

Will by their very nature take advantage of any loopholes, chances, ways to get ahead.

It’s not a question of who’s more wrong,

I know your views on that, it’s about changing the system,

It’s like animal farm, there are still those who started out with fuck all and those who started out from a modest background with good schooling but not millions in a trust fund yet at some point, at what point even, when they have made enough, do they go from ordinary bloke who did well, to rich cunt? Because they all will have financial advisers and accountants and agents for this or that, helping them keep as much of that top line as possible.

America is perhaps a better example than the UK where you still have the gentry, inherited titles, a lot of self made men but also a lot who were born into a society were merit doesn’t matter so much as long as they attend the right school and uni etc.

That still might be the case in the states but you also had big booms like tech etc where the creators of social media platforms weren’t multi billionaires but now are becoming social pariahs because of what their companies are doing, Richard Branson started out with a wheel barrow didn’t he and could have been your da’s best mate down the pub but is now seen by many as a sell out rich toff, the Rock, started out with nothing, now highest paid actor in Hollywood, do you think even one of the nicest rich guys you could ever apparently meet who admits footballers get paid too much and has started this 1% to charity campaign, do you think he just collects his payslip and it has all the normal high rate deductions and then the money goes into the Co Op and he pays further income tax on the money in his normal Everyman savings account? Does he fuck!!

He might give loads to charity, he might use a lot of his money for good, but do you think he doesn’t have a hard nosed pen pusher somewhere making sure he keeps as much of the top line of what he’s paid as possible?


My point is simply thus, close the loop holes,

And if the people in power control the loopholes, then get new people in power.

That’s your only answer, but getting outraged at someone doing something they were brought up and taught was the way things were done will achieve the square root of fuck all.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.

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