Competition: Come up with new slogan and win Cantona T

United Rant needs a new slogan. The website, on the Internet since 2004, relaunched in April 2009 with a reminder of our longevity. It’s a bit old hat so we’re asking you, our readers, to come up with something new. The best wins an Eric Cantona T-Shirt.

Add in the comments below or let everyone know on Twitter and @unitedrant to win.

In around five words sum up United Rant and win this….

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  1. Andy Walsh says:

    A Voice For Those Who Listen

  2. The (red) devil’s in the detail

  3. Stu Cooper says:

    We do the do’s not the dont’s.

  4. Supporting United like it’s the job.

  5. chintogtokh says:

    Welcome to Manchester

  6. Your Manchester United heaven.

  7. From Twitter we have:

    @ChristHooper “Behind The Windows Of Manchester” – Eric Cantona

    @ChristHooper “It Never Rains In Manchester”

    @Basildonboy F*CK OFF GLAZER YOU C*NT

    @richydunne United Red Army Nation Together

    @ tusharkapoor Glaze ‘em out!

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