Glazers: no problem selling season tickets…

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… then why the desperate spate of emails, telemarking calls and the laughable season ticket waiting list booklet?

Then there are the anecdotes of begging calls to former executive seat holders, many of which are believed to have given up their facilities. For its part senior management at United claims satisfaction at current sales, after launching an aggressive marketing campaign warning executive seat and season ticket holders to renew before the 31 May and 13 June deadlines.

Even more curious then that the club has made so much of its famed waiting list – now proven as little more than a marketing database – with the wait for season tickets, literally, minutes.


Isaidso - June 29, 2010 Reply

Such sweet music to the United faithful who really are United faithful, and not just party liners who follow blindly everything that United Management say! Some fans truly care for the future of the club, and have made the ultimate sacrifice. I wonder how the commercial side of things are doing now, as thousands of loyal supporters will NOT BUY from the club shop, or any of the United sponsors, including MUTV where the money goes to the Glazers. Long live the campaign against the Glazers and the kind of debt they have brought to the once richest club in the world!

frog - June 29, 2010 Reply

ive had the PACKAGEin recycling bin also 2 phone calls from ticket office SIT ANYWHERE YOU WANT

RedTetra - June 29, 2010 Reply

But all of N2409 to N2405 are sold out. So I still can’t get STs where I want.

The emails are pretty much as they are every season and say nothing but the hospitality and executive seats are way down. I know this for a fact. Pretty much as you’d expect in a recession. Fans stick with the club but businesses, day trippers and corporate jollies beat a hasty retreat.

I’ve no worries about next season. Real fans will be there. Men in suits with prawn sandwiches might be absent.Those who can no longer afford tickets will be sadly missed. Misguided fools who turn against the club won’t be missed.

Brian The Red - June 30, 2010 Reply

Red Tetra, it is not a case of ‘misguided fools turning against the club’ it is REAL UNITED FANS & SUPPORTERS showing their real colours and illustrating they have the balls to stand up against corporate thieves and American Imperalistic plunderers.

I have been a United Fan & Supporter for over 60 years and I object to some young snotty nose kid inferring I am a misguided fool and/or can no longer afford tickets.

It is wankers like you who ‘don’t care’ who are NOT GENUINE MANCHESTER UNITED FANS AND / OR SUPPORTERS!!! who are paying off the Glazer’s massive shopping centre debt interest payments, (THEIR PERSONAL, NOT UNITEDS’DEBTS not in England, but in the United States.

They and they alone, THE GLAZERS, have made OUR once richest club in the world their MONEY COW. They have milked funds to such an extent, United cannot even seriously enter the transfer market and buy suitable players.

What have the GLAZERS really done with the 80 million Ronaldo transfer funds? I bet the greedy bastards could hardly wait to get their sticky fingers on the money.

You’d most likely get season ticket seats of your choice over at Wastelands, so why not peddle your drivel over there and give your contribution to the already rich oil baron pouring his oil into Manchester City’s coffers. However as already proven, money hasn’t bought success over there so you hang on to the GLAZER coat tails waiting for themn to drop you a few crumbs!!!

Shame on you, you are so sad!!!

Gary - June 30, 2010 Reply

It annoys me when people try and dictate what a ‘Real’ fan is.

realist - June 30, 2010 Reply

good point gary!
tetra and brian both have valid arguments and points to make, but are just bitching! i,d say they were both sad!

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