Hargreaves: unfit or just fed up?

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Owen Hargreaves “stormed out of Old Trafford” following Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision not to pick the former Bayern Munich midfielder for his matchday squad against Stoke City last weekend, according to a story in the Sun today. Hargreaves, whose decision to leave Old Trafford early rather than watch the game, was put down to illness by Manchester United officials on Sunday.

According to the newspaper an “onlooker” spotted Hargreaves leaving Old Trafford at 3.10pm, 50 minutes before the match kicked off, certain that the 28-year-old’s chances of making Fabio Capello’s World Cup squad would only improve if the perennially injured midfielder played.

“At about 3.10pm a member of the security team got into a grey Audi and headed for Gate 4B of the Stretford End,” said the mole.

“The way the car moved off, I thought it was one of the Glazers trying to get away. But then Hargreaves appeared and he did not look happy. He didn’t hang about long.”

In truth Hargreaves wasn’t ready to play or Ferguson would have included the former Bayern Munich midfielder in his squad for the game. There is little unusual about returning home to rest due to illness.

England manager Fabio Capello confirmed Hargreaves lack of fitness.

“I spoke to Owen twice in Manchester and he’s not fit, not ready to play,” said Capello.

“He didn’t play for 18 months and for that reason, I can’t select him. He’s a really important player when he is fit.”

Very true, but perhaps there’s another reason Hargreaves made the quick get away. Rant’s sure we can spot the famous curly mop in there somewhere.


Rob - May 12, 2010 Reply

I think he probably is fed up, but the fact he did make a comeback this season is great and can hopefully get a full pre-season training schedule ahead of next season.

I dream of a midfield 3 next season like the following: (all on top form of course)

Hargreaves Fletcher Anderson

stryker - May 12, 2010 Reply

anderson sucks!! he is so easy to read, lazier than berbatov and shoots like gary neville. i wish he could get fit so we could sell him. nothing agaisnt him, he is just rubbish.

Bobby - May 12, 2010 Reply

It had to be from a British press. Call it pure lack of class and poor imagination, thriving in not just creating a wage between but wanting to feed readers with garbage.

Danny Salford Red - May 12, 2010 Reply

he had better not be bloody fed up and if he is I can assure you he is not half as fed up as the fans are with his lack of fitness. I really hope it wasnt a petulant reaction from him because if it is he needs to realise we have supported and paid him for two years for nothing and if anything written in the media is to be believed some of his problems have been psycholgical as well. great player when fit and im sure he wasn’t being petulant but if he was he needs to have a long hard look at himself.

CES Chief - May 12, 2010 Reply

Dear Ed,

The passenger was actually Mr Glazer himself. The driver of the car was one of my employees. Mr Glazer had arrived at the club to take his annual bonus payment of 60 million pounds. I assure you that he is now in excellent health. He is so impressed with the green and gold colours adorning Old Trafford he is considering using the colour scheme when he redecorates his lounge. Also, expect a green and gold 4th kit next year.

Kind Regards,

CES Chief

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