Nani: I never wanted to leave

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Nani says he has grown in his three years at Manchester United and never wanted to leave the club despite speculation that the former Sporting Lisbon winger would move during the January transfer window. The Portuguese player has suffered a frustrating season at Old Trafford in which fans have questioned his value to the team

“When you come to Manchester United, you have to learn about what it means and what it takes to succeed here,” said Nani who cost United more than £16 million in 2007.

“A couple of years ago, I was only thinking about playing for myself and just playing to enjoy my football. But now, I know that I can’t play like that because it is all about winning trophies for the team rather than individual success.

“At United, you have to play together, you have to think together, you have to do everything together. I have learned a lot about that and that’s why I have changed.

“This club is good at making players grow up and learn to be a man, to be a player.”

Nani, consigned to the sidelines for a month during December, came back into the team to critical acclaim after a series of good performances against Burnley, Hull City, Manchester City and Arsenal.

“That happened to me a couple of months ago, when I began to think more about the team and what it means to play for United. Now, I’m feeling very happy and strong,” he added.

“This is my third year here and I believe I am doing well now. I want to do more and more and show that I am deserving of my place at this club.

“Did I want to leave? No, I never thought like that. I have always been strong in my head and confident in my ability as a player and I have always had confidence about being a United player, ever since I came to the club.”

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