United Rant Fantasy League 2011/12

This season the United Rant community is holding, for the first time in seven years, a Fantasy League competition. Based on the official Premier League competition, the United Rant league is available at fantasy.premierleague.com with the entry code 288020-112982.

Entry is free and Rant will offer additional prizes for the league winner.

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  1. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    nailyclops said:
    What are the prizes? I might try even harder this year…

    Yeah, you do that, ya smug fucker…

    I want to beat your A-game.

  2. Greggen says

    I’d been keeping a United Rant league open for the last few years, having set one up for the first time about 2007/8. I’ve put a forum post on my league directing people to the “official” one, and I’ll knock my one on the head for next season to avoid any future confusion.

    Good job Ed for sorting this out.

  3. Pikey McScumPikey McScum says

    I’m in – probably the same words used by the first man to monk one up Michelle McManus’ clunge…

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