Sir Alex’ lesson for the Professor

Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson

If anyone needed proof that the current Manchester United side is superior to its north London rivals, then Sunday’s 8-2 demolition of Arsenal provided it. Even taking into account the multiple absences in the Gunners’ squad, the result offered a stark demonstration of the gulf in quality between Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad and that of […]

Wenger gets it right and oh so wrong on ‘tapping up’

Arsene Wenger

Let there be no mistake ‘tapping up’ in professional football existed long before the Football Association set down its absurd rules banning the practice; governance that is unworkable, impractical and utterly pointless in a globalised football market. Yet, Arsène Wenger once again called for the FA to amend its framework, with Arsenal’s Samir Nasri and […]

Sanctimonious Wenger does Ramsey little justice

Aaron Ramsay

As stricken Welshman Aaron Ramsey lay, leg shattered, the pious cry of Arsène Wenger could almost be heard above the youngster’s screams. But with the dust settling, it is debatable what chasm will heal first: Wenger’s rash assertion that there is an anti-Arsenal conspiracy to injure his players or the midfielder’s fractured bones. Football, as […]

Poll: Arsène Wenger is…

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Manger Arséne Wenger completely lost the plot in his side’s defeat to United at the weekend. Wenger started the week lashing out at UEFA for threatening to ban the cheat Eduardo, and ended it blaming the referee, fourth official, Elvis and the Man in the Moon for his side’s 2-1 loss. Wenger defended Eduardo’s […]