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March 23, 2012 Tags: , , Reads 14 comments

When Patrick Vieira, this week, labelled Paul Scholes’ return to Manchester United “desperate,” the former Arsenal midfield struck a chord. After all, Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to re-recruit the 37-year-old midfielder came just months after Scholes had retired, with the player’s admission that his ‘legs had gone’, firmly front-of-mind.

Almost three months after the midfielder’s return and the Manchester City staffer, along with fans of all persuasions, have been left to ponder their mistake. Indeed, so strong have Scholes’ performances been that the veteran has been instrumental in United’s run of eight wins in the past nine Premier League fixtures.

Vieira has a point, though, in raising the question of – for want of another word – the scale of United’s ambition. Classy though Scholes will always be, the 688-game United player would have found little room in Ferguson’s squad had it not been for the lack of funds for new recruits. Or, indeed, injuries to Tom Cleverley, Anderson and Darren Fletcher.

Scholes may have pushed for a return in January, as is now the customary party line, but there are few leading clubs in Europe that would have planned for a major star’s departure by doing, well, absolutely nothing. By the New Year United needed Scholes more than the player needed a return. It is a line that Vieira followed on Wednesday.

“Paul Scholes is a player that I really love and admire. But for him to come back just shows a little bit of weakness in United, because they had to bring a player back who was 37,” said Vieira on Wednesday.

“I think it shows that, in the next few years, it will be really difficult for United to cope with other teams because, with all the respect I have for Scholes, him coming back shows that they don’t have talent in there to replace him.”

What Vieira didn’t count on, of course, is picking a foe as formidable as Ferguson, whose defence both of Scholes and his own transfer policy was always going to be robust. There is rarely any quarter given by the Scot; certainly never when it comes to questions of United’s weaknesses.

Little surprise then that Ferguson chose his Friday press conference to hit back at Vieira and City manager Roberto Mancini. With just nine games to go in the Premier League title race, a relaxed Ferguson is clearly in his element, ready to work the media ‘mind games’ once again.

“If it’s desperation bringing the best midfielder in Britain back for the last 20 years then I think we can accept that,” said Ferguson.

“I think he (Vieira) was programmed for that. Roberto had a wee dig a couple of weeks back. We’re all going to play our hand that way. There will be plenty of ammunition for that. If you talk about desperation, they played a player the other night (Tevez) who refused to go on the pitch, the manager said he’d never play again and he takes a five-month holiday in Argentina. What is that? Could that come under the description of desperation?”

Indeed, Carlos Tevez’ return to City’s side during Wednesday’s 2-1 victory over Chelsea at Eastlands comes at a delicate time in the race, with United having recently taken the lead the Blues recently held by five points.

Mancini’s willingness not only to countenance the Argentinian striker’s return to the squad, but to play the 28-year-old, says much. After all, here is a player who refused to play for City – or warm up – and then spent an extended unpaid holiday on various golf courses, with the manager loudly proclaiming Tevez would never play for City again.

Pressure does strange things though, and United’s determined erosion of the Blues’ league lead has nerves jangling in east Manchester. Though the Eastland’s crowd departed happy on Wednesday night those fans who bothered to turn up did so after more than a few nervy moments. With Mancini sporting a rabbit-in-the-headlights look in recent weeks the early season bravado has certainly disappeared from Blues both on and off the field-of-play.

So then to Tevez’ return, which may add additional firepower to a goal-shy City side. While the Blues’ home record is impeccable in the league, form on the road has, for some time, threatened to derail Mancini’s attempt to construct a title-winning side.

Yet, the former United striker’s integration back in the Eastland’s fold is unlikely to be universally popular, despite all the right noises. He is, after all, a player who walked away from the cause five months ago.

Moreover, the striker’s return only serves to expose Mancini’s personal weakness; as if the manager is now beholden to his errant star’s wishes. Not long ago Tevez was ostracised, now Mancini, with no little hint of ignominy, publicly praises the striker. It is a large chink in the Italian’s armour that Ferguson is sure to exploit in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, if United does go on to collect a 20th domestic title come May then Scholes will have played an instrumental part in the glory. Few, aside from Ferguson at least, could have predicted just how important the Salford-born midfield would again become to United’s cause. Scholes’ ability to dictate games has shone through in recent weeks, with the flame-haired midfielder repeatedly exceeding a 95 per cent pass completion rate.

“He’s useless,” joked Ferguson of Scholes on Friday.

“What he does is he can dictate the tempo of a match. That experience helps, of course, and he has a terrific football brain which helps him. The amazing thing is he made the decision he made at the time simply because he didn’t want to play 25 games. He wanted to play 50 games, that’s the reason he wanted to retire. I said to him at the time, you can play 25 games no problem but he didn’t want that. He felt he didn’t have enough appreciation but what I was trying to do was look at it sensibly and what you can get out of a 37 year-old.”

Change is always round the corner though. In the coming summer Mancini will likely, and finally, rid himself of the Tevez problem, signing an expensive replacement in the Argentinian’s stead. Menwhile, Ferguson will seek to sign Scholes on for another season in the knowledge that United will not – cannot some might add – replace the veteran with a player of equal quality in the market.

The contrast is stark even if the motivation behind both players return is from a similar concomitance. Ferguson, hamstrung by his paymasters, and Mancini on the precipice of failure, has each sought to gain one final advantage this season. Neither was a move born of certainty.

And with nine games to go, it is not long before either Ferguson or Mancini is proven correct. History and 12 Premier League titles suggest where fans should put their hard-earned money; it is a lesson Vieira would do well to learn.

Adiós Carlos: Tevez in numbers

July 6, 2011 Tags: Just for fun 20 comments

Carlos Tevez has, for the second time in six months, demanded a move away from Manchester City. In December the pint-sized striker blamed the poor relationship with club management; yesterday the 27-year-old has begged to be closer to his family. Cynics might claim the lure of another signing on fee is strong in the scar-faced one. Rant couldn’t possibly comment.

Carlos Tevez in numbers

Tevez: Poster an insult and Hughes sacking wrong

April 13, 2010 Tags: Shorts 8 comments

Carlos Tevez has launched a scathing attack on Roberto Mancini’s training methods, criticised Manchester City for sacking Mark Hughes and denied any responsibility for the “Welcome to Manchester” poster in an explosive pre-Derby interview. Tevez, who joined City for £47 million, also claims Wayne Rooney is the world’s best striker.

“I never understood the intention of that poster,” Tevez told the Daily Mail.

“What was the point? Tell me. Was it to welcome me to Manchester City, or was it to anger Manchester United? Nobody ever told me.

“I’m indifferent towards it, but it is important you know I had nothing to do with the poster. I’d have preferred for it not to have been there. I have respect for all the clubs I used to play for. That was not showing respect, was it?”

Tevez has also criticised the club’s owners, Abu Dhabi Group, for sacking Mark Hughes just months into the new season and replacing the Welshman with Roberto Mancini.

“It is their club, their money,” said Tevez of Sheihk Mansour.

“But you ask me if I thought it was the right decision and the answer is “no”.

“I will play for any manager; I play for the shirt and must respect the right of the people who make decisions to change things, but a team does not form overnight. Mark should have been given more time.

“The decision was taken with too much haste. Did the directors think it through? You cannot invest so much and then sack the manager after five months! Look, Mark brought us all here. He is a great manager and he will get another big club, 100 per cent.’

Compounding Mancini’s problems at the club, Tevez claims the players are not happy with the double training sessions instigated by the Italian. City’s multi-millionaire mercenaries are force to train morning and afternoon at the Eastlands club.

“The players are not happy with this. We are at the end of a long season, we have big matches, we are tired but there are still double training sessions, morning and afternoon,” moan Tevez

“Then, the next day, we train for two hours. I do not understand.”

In a revealing interview Tevez also claims Rooney is the world’s best striker

“Wayne Rooney is the best in the world. It was a privilege to play with him,” added Tevez.

“I will always feel that way towards him. When we played together with Cristiano, the three of us, this was a great moment in my career.”

“In his position, Rooney is the best. Messi is the No 1 in his position. He is too much, right now. The ball sticks to his feet, who can take it from him?

“It’s my interview, I want to pick both of them. It’s my dream selection. OK, I play Rooney and Messi, with Tevez, of course. In a 4-3-3. We would score some goals together, eh?”

Keano’s Column: United’s Agony Aunt

January 22, 2010 Tags: , , Just for fun 1 comment

Ola Senior Roy,

Esto es Carlos. Por favour, una importante questione. Por que Gary Neville es una grande tarado?!

Hello Roy,

Gary here. A quick question, why is Carlos Tevez such a thumb sucking, ear cupping twat?!

Carlos, Gary,

Having received your messages, I thought it best to ignore them both for the sake of my sanity and the reputation of my column. This childish hostility is best addressed in a playground, and not in a serious advice section like mine.

However, upon further advice from Trisha, my agony aunt guru, I’ve decided to help you’s out as part of my relationship counselling studies.

So readers, in the spirit of daytime TV problem sharing, Carlos and Gary are brought together here, not just so that I can practice my relationship therapy skills, but so that they can sort their shite out. The greater goal is to spare the good people of Manchester anymore suffering from their constant bickering.

RK: Now Carlos, you seem to be the one with the biggest potato on your shoulder, feeling the most vulnerable here, so why don’t you start by telling us what has made you throw your toys out of the pram ever since you left United?

CT: Que?

RK: Why are you bitter?

CT: Ah si, bitter! Como el Bitter Blues. Manchester United no bery nice to Carlos. Carlos no mucho kh’appy.

RK: But you won everything with United, and they even gave you two best friends in Ji and Pat.

CT: Si. But Ferguson never love me, and he did not make me el capitain like Gary.

RK: Feck’s sake Carlos, enough with the whingeing ! Why do you always have to be the centre of fecking everything!

GN: Calm down Roy. The issue here is not Carlos’ treatment or him going to City, after all, the end of his career is none of our business. The issue here is that he called me a sock sucker, and that really, really, hurt.

CT: Gary, you call me an argie scouse bastardo, and then you show me the middle finger. That is very hurting to me also. I come from the toughest barrio of Buenos Aires, and I have never been so hurt like this.

GN: I did not realise that Carlos. I agree that words can hurt. Truth is you remind me of me, at a younger age, when I had the world at my feet.

CT: Gary, it is only because I respect you and your achievements so mucho that I say bad things about you. I was hurt by your rejection, so I want to hurt you back. My dream was to be as loved by the United fans as you are: ‘Carlos Tevez is a red, he hates scooters.’

GN: …and all I want now Carlos is for the Stretford End to sing ‘Sign him up, Fergie, Fergie sign him up!’ to me as they did to you.

CT: Te amo Gary. One day I will speak Engrish so we can never fight like this again.

GN: Carlos, you daft little grafter! See you at Pat’s later?

CT: Si mi amor.

So Carlos and Gary worked things out with a bit of Keano’s old fashioned bro-mancing magic.

Now hopefully the animosity is behind us, and we can all sit back and enjoy the derby match at Old Trafford on Wednesday night, having managed to ensure just in time that the rivalry wont be overshadowed by anything other than the football on the pitch.

Another job well done by me.


Just how low is Carlos Tevez’ IQ?

September 22, 2009 Tags: Shorts 13 comments

Carlos Tevez has expressed his surprise at the reaction he received from United supporters at this weekend’s Manchester derby. The Argentinian was roundly jeered by United fans unhappy at the striker’s switch from Old Trafford to Manchester City this summer.

Tevez moved to City in a deal worth between £25.5 million and £47 million depending on various reports, but the striker then accused manager Sir Alex Ferguson of disrespecting him and denied that United had made him a contract offer, in direct contradiction of earlier statements.

“I must admit I did believe I would get a different reception from the United supporters,” Tevez told the Daily Mail.

“Initially everything was positive and I was greeted by my former team-mates and United staff without any problems at all.

“But as soon as I entered the field the atmosphere was very different. It was hard to take because previously I was always wanted by those people.”

It’s a claim of quite staggering stupidity from the former Boca Juniors and West Ham player, who had said prior to the game that he expected a good reception from the United supporters. United fans welcomed Tevez to Manchester, with a banner outlining the club’s major trophies. City hasn’t won a competition since they beat Newcastle United to win the 1976 League Cup.

A tale of two strikers

September 21, 2009 Tags: , Reads 2 comments

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… and few who witnessed Sir Alex Ferguson’s ecstatic dance down the touchline as Manchester United’s Michael Owen wheeled away from the vanquished’s goal could doubt which it was for the Scot. Owen, the free-transfer striker picked up on a whim and against all sane advice, became an Old Trafford hero in an instant. How stark the contrast then at the other end, where Carlos Tevez – Owen’s predecessor – crouched prone in disbelief.

Unsurprisingly the Argentinian’s every step was loudly jeered by the home support. United fans, ill-prepared for players jumping ship, turned tables on Tevez. No longer the total support offered towards the end of last season. And as Tevez walked out of the Old Trafford tunnel just short of the 1.30pm kick-off he looked genuinely surprised by the reaction.

The Argentinian was his usual self – all hustle and bustle – harrying Ben Foster into a mistake for City’s first equaliser. The City striker nearly scored too, striking the post with a first half shot. But the £25.5 million striker – or £47 million depending on which report you believe – then fluffed his best chance of the afternoon. The kind of miss Ferguson was not ready to pay over-the-odds for.

Owen by contrast waited patiently on the bench for his opportunity. Up front Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov were causing significant trouble to City’s outrageously over-priced central defensive partnership of Joleon Lescott and Kolo Touré, benefiting from another magical display from the evergreen Ryan Giggs.

Then came Owen’s moment, collecting Giggs’ sumptuous slide rule pass and striking it past Shay Given in the City goal with the outside of his right boot. It was a fabulous finish for which Owen can now be forgiven his Liverpool past. Something which the player is acutely aware.

“If there was any doubt before then maybe this has sealed the deal,” Owen said after the match.

“Me coming to Manchester United was always going to create a bit of noise but even if they didn’t take to me it is still a privilege to play for Manchester United. The fact I’ve scored the winner in the Manchester derby hasn’t sunk in yet.

“It’s one of those few moments in my career that I’ll look back on and see it as one of the highlights. To score in a derby is great, but for it to be as dramatic as that, you’d have to see it to believe it. It was such an entertaining game and it must be one of the best televised games of all time.

“As soon as they scored I heard the announcement which said there were four minutes, so immediately I thought that we might get a couple of chances. When they score, you think ‘that’s it, it’s probably going to be a draw’, but you never stop believing that you can do it.”

Manager Sir Alex was typically effusive in praise of former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle player. A manager who is always ready to back his own judgement, Ferguson was hardly going to do anything else.

“Michael was only on for something like 17 minutes,” said the Scot. “He was the best man to be on there when the game is going to be in their penalty box. There is no one better at taking chances.

“His positional play, first touch and finish were absolutely superb. World class.”

A lot more than could be said for Tevez.

Confused Tevez ‘expects good reception’

September 18, 2009 Tags: Shorts 2 comments

Former United striker Carlos Tevez expects to get a good reception when he returns to Old Trafford for the Manchester derby this weekend. Tevez, who is struggling to make the game with a knee injury sustained on international duty, left United in the summer after failing to hold down a first team place. The player scored just five Premier League goals last season before making a £25 million move across town.

“I expect to have a good reception. While at United, I always gave my best and I had good relations with the fans,” said the Argentinian.

“They know I did everything while at Old Trafford to try to score the goals that would help the team win matches, so I don’t know why I should have a bad reception.

“What will I do if I score a goal? Well, I will be glad, but I don’t think too much about that right now.

“The important thing is that Manchester City wins the game. If I don’t score, but we can get the three points, I will be very happy.”

Tevez’ optimism is in sharp contrast to the feeling among United supporters, angered by the very public criticism the striker offered of Sir Alex Ferguson and the club in the wake of his departure. In the wake of his move to Manchester City, Tevez accused Ferguson of showing him “disrespect,” despite having stated the precise opposite just months before.

Tevez, a proven liar, also claimed that United had refused to offer him a new contract at Old Trafford.

Did City pay £47 million for Tevez?

September 12, 2009 Tags: Shorts 5 comments

Manchester City may have paid £47 million for Carlos Tevez, according to an extraordinary report in The Times today. The figure is comprised of a £15 million down payment followed by two further £16 million payments and a bonus of £3.5 million if City win the Champions League while Tevez is at the club. If true, the astronomical fee, which is almost double the £25.5 million widely quoted in the press, would make Tevez the fifth most expensive player in history, behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Zlatan Ibrahimovich and Zinedine Zidane.

Tevez was ‘transferred’ to City from third party investment group MSI.

While there is little chance of City having to pay the final bonus payment, the report demonstrates the extraordinary – and ridiculous – lengths that City’s new billionaire owners are prepared to go to in order to build a team at Eastlands.

In addition to Tevez, the Abu Dhabi group has shelled out close to £200 million over the past year on Robinho (£34 million), Emmanuel Adebayor (£25 million), Jolean Lescot (£24 million), Roque Santa Cruz (£17 million), Kolo Touré (£15 million), Wayne Bridge (£12 million), Gareth Barry (£12 million) and Shay Given (£8 million).

They say a fool and his money are easily parted. £47 million for Tevez takes that saying to a whole new level.

Liar Tevez moans again

August 27, 2009 Tags: Shorts 2 comments

Winging liar Carlos Tevez has accused Manchester United of showing him no respect, in an interview with Loaded magazine.

The striker, who signed for big spending Manchester City in a £25.5 million deal this summer, made the claims in the September issue of the top shelf men’s magazine.

“I think I deserved more respect than what was shown,” said Tevez. “It was very strange. In the first year everything went
very well – I was part of the team and felt like I was important to the coach and the club. But in the second, there was a big change. There was no communication with the manager and I began to feel as if I was not wanted. Every footballer will say that if they do not feel wanted, then it is the beginning of the end.”

Strange then that Tevez, who earns £150,000 per week at City, said of manager Sir Alex Ferguson that he “treated me with respect from the moment I arrived,” as recently as April this year.

Sir Alex Ferguson has backed new signing Michael Owen to beat the five Premier League goals that Tevez scored last season, as well as saying that the Argentine isn’t worth the money City spent on him.