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Traitor Tevez joins City

July 13, 2009 Tags: Reads 35 comments

Having spent the best part of the last two months bleating on about how hard done by he was at United, Carlos Tevez has now done the dirty on the fans that hero-worshipped him and signed for Manchester City on a five-year contract.

Tevez blamed his Old Trafford exit on manager Sir Alex Ferguson – for not picking the Argentinian striker enough in the major games. But confirmation of the long expected move across town has exposed Tevez for the treacherous liar he is. With no European football at City, and plenty of competition for striking places, Tevez will almost certainly play in fewer big games next season, not more. £150,000 per week should help ease the pain of sitting on the bench.

“It is terrific news,” former United legend Mark Hughes Mark said on confirmation of the deal.

“Carlos is an international player of the highest class who possesses all the attributes that will help drive this club forward.

“He is not only outstanding technically but he is a reliable goal scorer and someone who will contribute fully to the team ethic. He gives us another exciting, attacking dimension.

“I cannot wait to welcome him to City. I am sure our fans will give Carlos an exceptionally warm welcome.”

Tevez, who will keep his number 32 shirt at City, can expect more than a warm welcome from the fans when he returns to Old Trafford next season. The real shame is not that Tevez left Old Trafford – he just wasn’t good enough for United – but that a fans’ favourite has been exposed as a hypocrite. Those United fans who drowned out Sir Alex’ end of campaign address last season will have more than a moment’s pause for thought now.

Indeed, Sir Alex suggested that Tevez’ had little intention of signing on the dotted line at Old Trafford.

“I half expected Carlos Tevez would be going a long time back,” said Ferguson at an Old Trafford press conference today.

“I think he maybe did a deal around January because I spoke to him and gave him an offer on the night we played Inter Milan and he never came back to me.

“I phoned him on holiday and he never got back to me and I texted him twice and he never got back to me then either, so obviously he had made his mind up a long time ago.

“He was a good player and did well for us. But he obviously assessed the situation and wanted to go somewhere else.”

History says that there’s only one way out of Old Trafford, and that’s down. Good luck Carlitos, you’ll need it.

Tevez: Fergie didn’t play me so I’m off

June 26, 2009 Tags: Reads 6 comments

In a warning to prospective empoyers, Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez today claimed that the signing of Dimitar Berbatov was the begining of the end of his time at Old Trafford. Speaking after rejecting the offer of a five year deal at Old Trafford, Tevez complained that the Bulgarian’s arrival at United in the summer of 2008 made him feel negletted at the club. Tevez’ two year loan deal at the club runs out on June 30.

Tevez said: “I did not feel supported after they [United] signed Berbatov because I was the man for the job he was bought to do.
“Ferguson told me not be worried about Berbatov’s arrival, but I did not like it when he started to put me on the bench often. I gave my life for the Manchester United shirt.
“Last year, I was the second top-scorer after Cristiano [Ronaldo]. We won two titles [the Premier League and the Carling Cup] and being shut out like this was something that I could not understand.
“When I arrived I had to fight for a place like any other player. My first season was good. I was a starter or a substitute, but I respected that.
“But in my second year, after the match against Liverpool [on Sept 13], the coach started to overlook me.
“The fans supported me a lot so I thought that something was going on as my performances were also good. I was a professional.”

“I did not feel supported after they signed Berbatov because I was the man for the job he was bought to do,” complained Tevez.

“Ferguson told me not be worried about Berbatov’s arrival, but I did not like it when he started to put me on the bench often.

“Last year, I was the second top-scorer after Cristiano Ronaldo. We won two titles  and being shut out like this was something that I could not understand.

“When I arrived I had to fight for a place like any other player. But in my second year, after the match against Liverpool, the coach started to overlook me.

“The fans supported me a lot so I thought that something was going on as my performances were also good.

“I gave my life for the Manchester United shirt,” the very much alive Tevez lied in conclussion.

While Tevez is not the first, nor the last, player to complain about not starting every game its something he’ll probably have to get used to. In fact, unless the Argentinian suprises everybody and moves to one of the ‘smaller’ clubs, he will come up against a squad system almost everwhere.

Indeed, Tevez’ probable employers Manchster City already boast Robinho, Craig Belemy, and Roque Santa Cruz – and quite possibly Samuel Eto’o by the time the season kicks off on August 15. Tevez may get even less time on the pitch next season. Will he slap in a transfer request? Unlikely.

Moreover, the facts do not support Tevez’ position, who made 34 starts and 17 more appearancs from the bench last season. Meanwhile Berbatov made 36 starts, with seven more from the bench, and Wayne Rooney 39 starts, with 10 from the bench. Hardly being dramatically overlooked in favour of other players. It doesn’t help Tevez’ argument that he was actually third top goalscorer – not second as he claims  – behind both Ronaldo and Rooney. And there were just five scored in the Premier League.

Of course there is one number where Tevez is set to propser – the £160,000 per week that City will pay him over the next five years. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story, Carlos.

No panic required over Tevez exit

June 21, 2009 Tags: Reads 3 comments

Manchester United has finally confirmed what many have known for some time – Carlos Tevez will leave the club after two years at Old Trafford. Fans’ favourite Tevez leaves United having scored 34 goals in 99 appearances for the club since arriving from West Ham.

In a statement on the club’s website, United confirmed that following “contact received from Carlos Tevez’s advisors last night, in advance of the deadline the Club set for concluding negotiations, Manchester United announces that Carlos will not be signing a new contract with the Club.”

United confirmed that they had agreed to take up the option on Tevez at the £25.5 million fee demanded by the owners of his economic rights, MSI, in addition to offering  Tevez what is believed to be more than £100,000 per week.  Despite having an ‘in principal’ agreement in place to sign Tevez for more than a year, United’s hierachy has delayed confirming the transfer while they haggled over a price that, in managing director’s David Gill’s words, was a “bit toppy.” Having paid around £10 million in loan fees over the past two yeras, the combined fee would have made Tevez United’s record signing and among the top five earners at the club.

In reality, while Tevez has become a highly popular player both amongst the squad and supporters, his ability and performance on the pitch over the past two seasons are far short of justifying the exhorbitant fee. With Manchester City and Chelsea waiting in the wings, Tevez will get the big money move his owners are demanding. But United’s board have been  inadvertently saved  from making what could turn out to be a costly mistake in recruiting the little Argentinian a massive expense.

Tevez has become highly popular for his all-energy performances, putting no little effort whether starting or coming off the bench. But in turning down United’s lucrative approach Tevez has revealed his true motivations. Firstly, he will move to Chelsea or Manchester City for a vast increase in wages – possibly as high as £150,000 a week at City. Secondly, his desire to be a bigger fish – his apparent dejection at United born from a desire to start the biggest games – reveals a hitherto unknown ego.

Most importantly, however, Tevez just isn’t good enough to justify the fee, no matter how much United may have in the bank following Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. Technically Tevez’ first touch is poor, his pace no better than average and his goalscoring record nowhere near good enough for a £30 million plus striker. His 19 Premier League goals have come from 49 starts and 14 from the bench. Just five league goals in the past season. Additionally he has six Champions League strikes from 10 starts and 11 games from the bench. He has nine more goals from the League and FA Cups, where United has often fielded weaker sides against lower league opposition.

Tevez’ departure leaves manager Sir Alex Ferguson with the double headache of replacing both the Argentinean and Ronaldo. However, the arrival of Antonio Valencia is still likely, despite recent posturing by Wigan Athletic’s Chairman Dave Whelan aimed at driving up the price. Moreover, United are now expected to put in a large offer in for Olympique Lyonnais’ hugely talented striker Karim Benzema. The transfer of Benzema is by no means certain, with a number of clubs interested in the French international. At more than £30 million Benzema also presents a huge risk, while Tevez was very much a known quanity.

But Sir Alex has not built his career on playing safe. He might not believe it this morning, but the loss of is unlikely to be the devastating blow many rivals will hope. That MSI managing director Kia Joorabchian claimed this morning that Tevez’ hadn’t “actually rejected the offer. Carlos needed time. We never ever at any time asked them for more money. We just asked for time to think about it,” is telling. United are already looking to the future.

Should he stay or should he go?

May 14, 2009 Tags: , Reads No comments

Amid claims and counter claims about the future of Carlos Tevez one thing has become abundantly clear is week – while United would like to keep the little Argentinian, the board have no intention of paying the full £22 million transfer fee (plus loan fees already paid) being demanded by MSI, the holder of the player’s ‘economic rights’. It’s a fact that will most likely see the popular forward leave the club this summer.

The fee, which is believed to have been agreed at €34 million Euros two years ago when Tevez first signed on loan for the club, has become a problem for three principal reasons. Firstly, changes in the exchange rate mean that the figure has increased by more than 25% when converted to pounds over the past year. Secondly, the United simply don’t value Tevez at the same level as MSI – which would essentially make Tevez the club’s record signing. Thirdly, with £81 million to pay in debt interest this summer, the club – even if they did value Tevez that highly – just don’t want to pay it.

The player becomes even more expensive when wages and other fees are taken into account. Add to the bill the £6-£10 million already paid in loan fees, together with wages and the total cost to United of keeping the striker begins to look very steep. Indeed, Tevez earns in excess of £5 million per year, meaning the cost to United of keeping and paying the player for the past two seasons, and the next three of the proposed contract, is more than £55 million.

Reports in The Guardian today suggest that United are attempting to renegotiate a fee for Tevez, although no final figure is placed on the proposed deal. However, with a string of clubs apparently prepared to bid for the striker, United would appear to be in a weak bargaining position. This position would appear to become even less strong with the player himself apparently unhappy at Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad rotation policy.

It’s a game of brinkmanship of course. The MSI team (or whomever actually owns Tevez’ rights, a leaked letter circulating this week suggests that this isn’t clear) want to maximise their return. Selling to United at a reduced fee when there are other options on the table would appear to be contradictory to that aim. Meanwhile, Tevez himself may be frustrated at his squad status, although the joy on his face as he backheeled home United’s equaliser last night suggests otherwise. Suggesting that he is unhappy may also be a convenient way of pressurising United. United meanwhile have leaked to the press the possibility of ripping up Tevez’ agreement with MSI, and signing the player on a free transfer.

The fans would love the player to stay of course. Not only does Tevez work his socks of for the team when given the opportunity but he has scored some vital late goals for the team this season. He is, rightly, one of the most popular players at the club.

But taken in the round, is Tevez really worth both the political hassle and huge financial cost to the club? Good player as he is, Tevez’ scoring record (34 goals in 97 appearances and 20% of them in the League Cup) and contribution to the team fall short of the very highest level. For the sake of consistency, and squad balance, there is no doubt that Tevez will continue to make a valuable contribution if he signs permanently for the club. But will it be a £55 million contribution? Personally, I have my doubts.

Tevez set to leave Reds

April 25, 2009 Tags: Shorts 4 comments

It will be a great shame but it seems inevitable that Carlos Tevez will be leaving United this summer when his two-year loan contract comes to an end. Fans love his insatiable appetite for the game and the heart he shows every time he dons a United shirt. True, the young Argentinian’s statistics aren’t great this season. Three goals in more than 20 Premier League games for the club isn’t nearly enough. Especially for a man that will cost United €34m, minus the loan fees already paid. But Tevez is worth more than his weight in goals. Let’s hope the club find a way to keep the wee man.