Gill lashes out at fans as sales dept make threats

David Gill has launched another scathing attack on Manchester United’s green and gold protest campaign, dismissing the scarf wearing supporters as a minority while predicting its demise. Speaking to the Independent newspaper, Gill argues that fans do not understand the protest and are never happy despite success. Gill’s interview comes as United’s commercial department warns […]

Poll: Should David Gill resign now?

David Gill, the Manchester United ceo, has launched an extraordinary attack on thousands of fans who wear green and gold at Old Trafford, dismissing scarf wearing supporters as a “minority” who “don’t understand” why they’re protesting and will “never be happy.” It’s not the first time Gill has lashed out at the fans he no […]

United fan 1 – 0 David Gill

David Gill

The genius of the modern Internet is in it’s ability to turn the humble fan – yours included – into an international broadcaster. Take this audio clip from an event attended by Manchester United’s managing director David Gill in Birmingham. Confronted by a rightfully angry fan, Gill attempts to shout down the supporter who points […]

Exclusive: David Gill lashes out at Glazers

Manchester United’s managing director David Gill has launched an extraordinary attack on the Glazer family, savaging the American’s business model and predicting ruin for financially over-leveraged clubs. In a passionate defense of United’s management in the PLC-era, Gill points to the significant investment made in Old Trafford and Sir Alex Ferguson’s playing squad. Gill, managing […]

Lies, damn lies and David Gill

David Gill

For a man paid £1.8 million per year to espouse the Glazer family’s line, Manchester United managing director David Gill is hardly likely to utter a word against the club’s owners. Instead, Gill went on the PR offensive this weekend, belittling fans’ concerns and leading a campaign of disinformation emanating from the club. Gill, managing […]

Sir, I challenge you to a duel

Manchester United managing director David Gill has accused French club Le Harve of insulting the club in the increasingly bitter row over 16 year old midfielder Paul Pogba. Le Harve, which hasgone on a media offensive in the past few days accusing United of poaching the player, is yet to officially complain to the world […]

Gill voted to ECA board

Manchester United’s David Gill has been voted to the the European Club Association’s (ECA) 15-man board, beating CSKA Moscow president Evgeni Giner to the seat. The ECA the 53-nation pan-European club lobbying association that replaced the G14 on the latter group’s dissolution in January 2008. Gill’s election to the group, which is chaired by Bayern […]