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United Rant Fantasy League 2016/17

August 12, 2016 Tags: Shorts 1 comment
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Rant once enjoyed Fantasy Football. That was until 599 of the 600+ league entrants topped Rant’s score in last season’s league. Now Rant is taking its ball and heading home. While nobody at Rant HQ is giving up the day job, there’ll be another mass Rant fantasy league this season, with the Premier League starting on Saturday to kick off what is likely to be one of the most competitive competitions for years.

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United Rant Fantasy League 2015/16

August 1, 2015 Tags: Shorts No comments
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There’s a difference between fantasy and reality. No really, there is. Rant enters the following into evidence:

That David Moyes could ever be the ideal replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson was a fantasy. That David Moyes was the worst possible choice as United manager a stark reality. That “this year is Liverpool’s year” is the perennial fantasy on Merseyside. That this will very much not be Liverpool’s year the amusing reality. Angel Di Maria signing for United was a fantasy. The same player going on strike to join a 44-year-old club with a sovereign wealth fund for a sugar daddy the sad reality.

Still, in Di Maria’s absence Louis van Gaal might just call on you next Saturday. That 90th minute winner is guaranteed. Right? If not, there’s always fantasy football.

Code to join the United Rant Fantasy League: 1303980-309941

United Rant Fantasy League 2014/15

August 7, 2014 Tags: Shorts 5 comments
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Rant knows what you’re thinking. After the David Moyes ‘era’ almost anything is now a fantasy; Louis van Gaal’s rapid Old Trafford revolution more than but a dream. Fear not friends, for while the Iron Tulip is very real, there is little to beat the annual United Rant Fantasy League. More than 600 teams strong in 2013/14, Rant remains one of the more competitive leagues in Fantasy Football.

“I talk of dreams,” William Shakespeare once wrote, “which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy.” Ah, but the Bard didn’t have Fantasy football – an idle brain not required.

The United Rant league is accessed, as usual, at fantasy.premierleague.com. Register, submit your team and the joined the Rant with the code 1246542-294031. Entries are free and scoring starts on the first weekend of the Premier League. Good luck!