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Le Larve report United to FIFA

September 5, 2009 Tags: , Shorts No comments

French Ligue 1 outfit Le Harve have reported Manchester United to FIFA in the case of French under-16 captain Paul Pogba, who signed for reds earlier this summer. In a case with echoes of the one that Chelsea lost against Lens earlier last week, Le Harve will claim that Pogba had a contract with the French club and that United induced the player to break the agreement.

“The player had a no-hire agreement, and so had to sign his first contract in France,” Louvel told radio station France Info.

“But he didn’t sign it because Manchester United contacted the parents and made astronomical and excessive financial propositions for a 15-year-old boy.

“We have submitted the case to Fifa. The letter to leave has not been agreed by the French Federation, so today Fifa has been referred.

“I hope we will get the same result [as in the Chelsea case], which could justify to those clubs they can’t do anything and they have rules to respect.”

Le Harve’s argument centres on the pre-contract agreement that the player is said to have signed, which states that his first professional contract will be with the French club. GaĆ«l Kakuta also had a similar agreement with Lens, which is widely regarded as legally unenforceable in English law.

FIFA it seems has a different view.