Moving beyond Carrick

Michael Carrick

It has been an underwhelming season at Manchester United. For the most part Louis van Gaal’s side has ground out points rather than won convincingly won. Over the season there was only one really bright period from the Tottenham Hotspur game to Manchester City at Old Trafford. Those games had one thing in common: Michael […]

Ferguson on the defensive over errors

SC Braga

There is a certain romance about Manchester United’s play this season; an innocent we’ll-score-one-more-than you attitude that is a refreshing change from the stifled tactics of so much modern football. Yet, United’s plethora of attacking talent has been forced to work at its maximum simply because Sir Alex Ferguson’s men have defended so poorly. The […]

Michael Carrick: a season in numbers

Michael Carrick infographic

Love him, hate him, Michael Carrick has divided supporter opinion like few other modern Manchester United players. Superb during his début season with the club, only to suffer an 18 month slump after the 2009 Champions League final. But the Wallsend-born midfielder has returned to form with gusto this season… (right-click ‘open in new tab’ […]

Carrick’s renaissance

Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick’s goal against Queens Park Rangers on Sunday was 70 games coming; two long years since the Geordie midfielder had last struck for Manchester United in any competition. In that time, for all Carrick’s understated excellence, the midfielder has struggled both to maintain the form of pre-2008 and a place in Sir Alex Ferguson’s […]

Carrick’s midfield mission impossible

With Manchester United’s bid for Wesley Sneijder seemingly run aground on the financial rocks Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted this week that the Reds may not bring in a direct replacement for Paul Scholes. With United’s sights aimed high, Ferguson told press gathered on the club’s US tour that only the very best will do […]

Just blame Carrick

Carrick passes vs Rangers

This season it seems that Michael Carrick has been blamed for everything. Rising house prices, the war in Iraq, the conflict in Libya; all Carrick’s fault. Joking apart though Carrick has taken a lot of flak in the past six months, some deserved but a lot unmerited. What then will it take for Carrick to […]

Carrick’s return welcome but only if it lasts

Let there be no doubt, Michael Carrick’s role in Manchester United’s recent success is central, despite the Geordie’s many critics. The former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder’s ability to quickly win and recycle possession helped United succeed as a dynamic counter-attacking side in the wake of Roy Keane’s departure. Arguably United would – could – not have […]

Carrick’s World Cup Diary

Capello the Gaffer

Soon as the yelling stopped, a glass tray flew across the room, bouncing off JT’s forehead and hitting me smack bang in the middle of my face. As I regained consciousness, all I could hear was the Gaffer screaming down at me: “Carrick, watta da hell are you doing here? Mamma Mia! Next time I […]

What now for Carrick and Berbatov?

Dimitar Berbatov Michael Carrick

Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick shared more than a common heritage at Tottenham Hotspur. The fabulously talent pair – Rolls Royce players in a Park Lane showroom – are each under an uncomfortable spotlight. With Manchester United investing £48 million in the pair, Sir Alex Ferguson is right to ask some searching questions of their […]

Carrick is slow starter

Sir Alex Ferguson offered an unusual explanation for Michael Carrick’s omission from the Manchester United team this season – the former Spurs player is a notorious slow starter. According to the United manager Carrick doesn’t get going until October, explaining why the midfielder has started just three matches this campaign. Carrick has been repeatedly left […]