Preview: Crystal Palace v United

Eric Cantona, Crystal Palace

It is a strange period for Manchester United. Three disappointing results in succession against Stoke City, Fulham and then Arsenal were followed by the sojourn to Dubai for warm weather training – and no little activity with local sponsors. Whether the break drives better results in the coming weeks will be the only relevant proof […]

Warm weather, cold hearts

Diego Maradona, Javier Hernandez

It was at least part holiday camp, perhaps a little boot camp: Manchester United’s ‘warm weather’ training sojourn to Dubai in the past week. As David Moyes’ players made their way home on Tuesday more than a few observers were given pause for thought. What exactly did the squad achieve in five days away from […]

The contract can wait: Rooney should be moved to midfield

Wayne Rooney, David Moyes

When David Moyes was appointed Manchester United manager last summer he was seen as the safe choice to grind out results in the Premier League; perhaps earning the club time to woo a more fashionable manager in the future. Yet, very few supporters expected to find United in such a lowly position heading into the […]

Preview: Arsenal v United

Arsenal Manchester United

Which side will crack under the pressure? Manchester United, having lost five of nine games in 2014, slipping to seventh place in the Premier League; or Arsenal, just two points from the league summit, but a team in shock having been smashed by Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday? United’s draw with Fulham on Sunday afternoon […]

A new low

David Moyes

The inner chimp, says sports psychologist Dr. Steve Peters, dominates. The chimp is primitive. The chimp is emotion. The chimp is basic needs: power, sex, territory, food. The chimp is 99 per cent of our psyche. This chimp is angry at Manchester United’s performances this season. More specifically, at David Moyes. The one per cent […]

Preview: United v Fulham

Rene Meulenstein

If Manchester United’s dismal performance in losing to Stoke City last weekend isn’t a season’s nadir then these indeed are desperate times. Fulham arrive at Old Trafford on Sunday as one of few sides actually in worse form than United; Rene Meulenstein suffering a disastrous run of results since taking over at Craven Cottage in […]

Preview: Stoke City v United

Robin van Persie v Stoke City

The best front three in the Premier League: David Moyes’ perhaps generous assessment of his attacking options ahead of Manchester United’s Premier League fixture with Stoke City this weekend. Generous in that the triumvirate is as yet untested as a combination; yet almost £90 million worth of exciting talent nonetheless. A hint too at the […]

Preview: United v Cardiff City

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“And Solskjær has won it!” – Barcelona, 25 May 1999 – the words that will define Clive Tyldsley’s career as a broadcaster and journalist; the moment that encapsulates Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s time as a Manchester United player. In the intervening 15 years little has transpired to erode the love felt for the Norwegian striker at […]

Preview: Chelsea v Manchester United

David Moyes, Jose Mourinho

Rarely, over the past decade, can Manchester United have been such outsiders for a trip to Stamford Bridge. True, Chelsea’s financial doping has bridged the chasm in size between the clubs since Roman Abramovich acquired the west Londoners in 2004, but rare indeed have the Reds been at such a comparatively low ebb. Victory over […]

Preview: United v Swansea City

Manchester United v Swansea City

It takes a little gallows humour to find mirth in the ‘records’ achieved by David Moyes this season. They include, among others, a first defeat to Everton at Old Trafford since 1992, the first reverse to Newcastle United in Manchester for 41 years, and the first defeat to Swansea City at home, ever. West Bromwich […]