United bid: out of ideas and money?

The much vaunted bid by the so-called Red Knights for Manchester United, expected this summer, may never see the light of day if structured as now proposed. The bid, which will amount to around £1.2 billion according to recent reports, consists of Knights’ money, a rights issue and £500 million in bond debt. Although a […]

MUST: pay £25 to own part of club


The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) will fans to contribute a symbolic £25 towards a summer bid for the club, emails to members revealed today. MUST ceo Duncan Drasdo sent the annual survey, which also asked season ticket holders if they are considering not renewing this summer, to 145,000 members. “Thanks to the passion and […]

Fergie will put his own money into bid

Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson not only supports the Red Knights’ bid to oust the Glazer family but will put his own money into a successful offer for Manchester United, reports the Observer today. The Scottish manager, publicly supportive of the American owners since the summer 2005 takeover, has refused to denounce the Knights. Led by Seymour […]

Knights raise £1.5bn but questions remain

Jim O'Neil

The Red Knights’ numbers have swollen to more than 60, with a bid war-chest of more than £1.5 billion now available, according to reports today. Publicly led by Keith Harris with key figures including Jim O’Neil, Paul Marshall and Richard Hyntner, the Knights could formulate a formal bid for the club in the coming weeks […]

Glazers will “topple like the Berlin wall” as MUST membership tops 85k

Keith Harris

The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) membership broke through the 85,000 barrier today as thousands of fans joined the anti-Glazer rapidly growing anti-Glazer protest. The tsunami-like revolution will bring down the hated Glazer regime at United, according to leading Red Knight, Seymour Pierce banker Keith Harris. MUST, whose membership stood a little over 50,000 on […]

Red Knights: bid is on

The Red Knights, a consortium of wealthy Manchester United supporters whose first tentative meeting took place in London yesterday, intends to bid for the club, the group revealed today. The Knights hope to pursued 40 wealthy backers to invest £20 million each in a £1.2 billion bid to remove the Glazer family from ownership. Led […]