Waiting list, what waiting list?

Season Ticket "Waiting List"

There is a school of thought that believes, in summary, football fans are little more than sheep, blindly following the club’s will ‘support’ of their team. Fans pay a huge price premium over similar sources of entertainment: films, music, plays and so on. Meanwhile, supporters willingly spend £50 or more a season on ‘official’ shirts that […]

So who was lying Mr. Gill?

17 June, 2010 – “Anybody who is trying to say there has been a poor uptake is lying” – Manchester United spokesperson, denying sales had fallen short of expectations. 1 September, 2010 – CEO David Gill admits season tickets sales are just 51,800 this season, despite 54,000 season-long seats being available at Old Trafford. United’s […]

Glazers claim 50k season tickets sold

The Telegraph reports that Manchester United has sold 50,000 season tickets, with the Premier League campaign beginning in under four weeks. After an aggressive summer marketing campaign the total falls 6,000 short of last season’s total. The club confirmed that this figure does not include executive seats sales. Last season’s total executive seat numbers of 7,500 were […]

Glazers: no problem selling season tickets…


… then why the desperate spate of emails, telemarking calls and the laughable season ticket waiting list booklet? Then there are the anecdotes of begging calls to former executive seat holders, many of which are believed to have given up their facilities. For its part senior management at United claims satisfaction at current sales, after […]